Documentary Film


The Witness Trilogy: Voices from the Lake

Documentary directed by J. Michael Hagopian, USA 2000, 87'

Twenty five years in research and production, this first feature-length documentary film on the Armenian Genocide focuses on the day-to-day tragedy unfolding in Kharpert-Mezreh, one among 4000 towns and villages of the former Ottoman empire in 1915, where monumental forces were unleashed to annihilate Armenians.


Grandma’s Tattoos

Documentary directed by Suzanne Khardalian, Sweden 2011; 58’
With English subtitles

Filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian travels to Armenia, Lebanon, Syria and Sweden to investigate the secret of her grandmother’s face tattoos. In the process she unveils the story of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.


Singing in Exile

Documentary directed by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro, Belgium 2015, 72’
With English subtitles

In order to pass on an their ancestral and endangered heritage, Aram and Virginia Kerovpyan, an Armenian couple from the diaspora with Jarosław Fret and international troupe of actors from Teatr ZAR, Wrocław travel on a journey to the places where this art was born, to Anatolia. On the way, their questions revive the wealth of a wiped-out culture, and singing becomes a language of creation and sharing, a breath of life.


Igor Josifov – Wit-ness on Film

Wit-ness documents a long durational performance art piece that includes new burned paper works and an installation that represents the violent confrontation between identity and vulnerability. All of this is tied together by a narrative that addresses the idea of surveying and being surveyed, both by another person/character and the audience viewing the performance and film.


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