Theatre (listed alphabetically)

Thur. May 21 8:30pm / Fri. May 22 & 29 June 5 9:30pm / Sat. May 23 5:00pm / Sun. May 24 5:30pm / Sat. May 30 3:00pm / Sun. May 31 & June 7 8:00pm / Sat June 6 4:00pm : Southside Theater / Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Áine Ryan - Kitty in the Lane

Kitty in the Lane received much critical attention at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2014 and is the debut play by Irish playwright and actor Áine Ryan.


Ariel Luckey - Amnesia

Amnesia tells the story of a young man who retraces his family’s migration from a small village in Eastern Europe through New York and Los Angeles to the borderlands of Arizona.


Bob Ernst - towards\away

Our hero is a stranger in a strange land. He finds himself running for his life in an alien landscape being pursued by something he can’t quite make out.


Carte Blanche - Femme Fatale

Award winning company Carte Blanche hits the road with Femme Fatale, inspired by the recent scandal involving the French president and actress Julie Gayet.


Compagnie Artara - Le Chagrin des Ogres

Le Chagrin des Ogres portrays a day unlike any other during which two teenagers will lose their share of childhood.


devorah major and Brian Freeman - Classic Black

Directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang, Classic Black tells the true stories of 19th century African-Americans in pre-Civil War San Francisco.


Eth Noh Tec - Red Altar

Celebrating the contributions of three generations of Chinese immigrants who start the fishing industry in Monterey Bay.


Inferno Theatre - Quantum Love

Quantum Love focuses on desire as a constant matrix driving the action as each shared breath, word, and touch draws each character toward the others. 


Right Brain Performancelab - The Elephant in the Room (Excerpt)

The Elephant in the Room features a large pachyderm-like entity who invisibly inhabits the stage, intriguing & confounding a cast of performers who dance, clown and sing their efforts to define it. 


Teatr ZAR - Armine, Sister

ArmineSister refers to the history of the Armenian people in Anatolia and their near-extermination at the beginning of the 20th century.

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