(listed alphabetically)

AguaClara Flamenco -
Compás y Corazón: Tablao Flamenco

AguaClara Flamenco presents “Compás y Corazón : Tablao Flamenco” in a collaboration of international flamenco artists residing in California, representing Spain, France, Japan, and the U.S. With a highly-charged, improvisational approach inspired by the gutsy flamenco tablaos of Spain, the company offers an authentic glimpse into the raw, rhythmic heart of this powerful artform.

Alma del Tango with Trio Garufa - Tango Night!

"Tango Night," an intimate evening by Alma del Tango, explores the rich diversity of the Argentine Tango. From the close embrace of the social dance floor to the fast flying legs of the fantasia stage, dancers express their unique styles to the live music of the virtuosic international tango ensemble, Trio Garufa.

CALI & CO dance/Matt EL with guest collaborators Kyoungil Ong and Sooyeon Lyuh - HERE

HERE captures the rapture of existence through a new piece de resistance by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL music with guest collabors Kyoungil Ong/Ong Dance Company and Sooyeon Lyuh. HERE is a rare, creative amalgamation of identity and culture via traditional Korean dance American modern dance.

Dana Lawton Dances - Repertory Concert

"Showcasing music by contemporary composers, Dana Lawton Dances will present three dance works: Silence Of… by Bay Area composer, Stephanie Webster. Wax and Wire by nationally acclaimed composer, Viet Cuong. Dream of the Cherry Blossoms by Japanese composer Keiko Abe."

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project -
The Restaurant of Many Orders

Based on Kenji Miyazawa’s famous story for children, Restaurant is an accessible yet profound dance theater. The three performers execute unique and superb movements rooted in traditional and contemporary Japanese and other Asian physical expressions with dexterity.  Often comedic, sometimes serious, they eloquently represent the elements of and relationship between humans, animals and nature.

Laura Larry Arrington -
We / AoA

the first vertebrates grew jaws / they closed their mouths / but still everything gets in / gills become lungs / bodies become identities / land becomes nation / but still everything gets in / and will find a way out / a chemical change / not a physical one / science says we can not touch anything / the jaw falls open / a sound falls out / a whale / with baleen / everything gets in

Lora Juodkaite - Atmintis (Memory)

Making her US debut in a dance performance titled Memory Lithuanian choreographer Lora Juodkaitė dives into the depths of human memory revealing human forms layer after layer in a search for one’s true self. Choreography unfolds in a geometric square that represents four points of human memory: memorization, storage of memory, reminiscence and forgetting.

Sara Porter - Sara does a Solo

Celebrated Canadian dancer Sara Porter gives a fearless interplay of fact & fiction, memoir & fantasy, confession & caricature. Part dance performance part stand-up comedy, Sara does a Solo is a fearless account of the body and the reflective mind. Travels next to The Douglas Studio Series & The Flea Theatre in NY.

STEAMROLLER Dance Company -
Legendary Children

Legendary Children explores Queer lineage both historical and personal through recorded interviews . In dances set to the music of queer artists such as Matmos and Jimmy Somerville looks at the body as a site of queer pleasure, queer sorrow and queer resistance.

Surya Berthomieux in collaboration with
Musical Art Quintet - AiME

A performance piece about the ever present struggle with self-image and appearances; a journey through emotion, inner tautness, anger and sorrow—a fight to attain a state of self-acceptance and ultimately shed light on what is behind suffering—the energy of life: love. In spite of everything, love has always been in us.

T42 Dance Projects - Repertory Concert

Versatile, dynamic, humorous, original, unconventional and award winning. Switzerland's bi-racial choreographing duo Misato Inoue and Félix Duméril make their San Francisco debut with a metaphorical example of the so-called clash of cultures. Another Chopsticks Story was created with an approach that applies a humorous nod to the story of Madame Butterfly and is virtuosically delivered with a large portion of self-irony.

Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos - Nuevas Tendencias

The groundbreaking flamenco company Caminos Flamencos has a brand new show that seamlessly blends flamenco, Latin, and jazz in music and dance with a cast of world-class artists from around the country who are rooted in a variety of musical genres.  Emmy Award-winning Artistic Director Yaelisa gathers an eclectic group of musicians and dancers in Nuevos Tendencies with an emphasis on new music by the virtuoso guitarist Jason McGuire "El Rubio.


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