Dada Here and Now - Curated by Hanna Regev & Matt McKinley

The exhibit schedule, by venue, is listed below:

Gallery 308 (Building A)

Week 2:

Wed May 25:   10am - 5pm
Thurs May 26:  Noon - 6pm
Fri May 27:      Noon - 6pm
Sat May 28:     11am - 5pm
Sun May 29:    12:30pm - 5pm

Week 3:

Wed Jun 1: 10am - 4pm
Thurs Jun 2: 10am - 4pm
Fri Jun 3: Noon -5pm


Cowell Theater Lobby and Atrium (featuring GAP, curated by Carl Heyward)

Viewing hours: open 30 minutes prior to events scheduled in each space for ticket holding guests
Thurs, May 26 6-9pm: Dada Here & Now Opening Reception

Honoring the centennial of the birth of Dada, this exhibition offers contemporary responses by local, national and international artists to enduring questions first posited by their Dada predecessors. In 1916 a group of pacifist artists from across Europe, reacting to the political unrest of that time, convened in Zurich and proceeded to jolt the art world through a multi-disciplinary questioning of established norms and academic traditions. Firmly embracing both the newest technology of the day and the element of chance in the creative process the movement included visual arts, literature, poetry, art manifestos, theory, theater and graphic design all underscored by anti-war politics. Building upon this conceptual groundwork, the visual and performance artists participating the 2016 SF International Arts Festival blend chance, technology, collaboration and audience interaction to add to the legacy and influence of Dada.

The original Dadaists sought to create ‘anti-art’ that shocked, ridiculed and challenged the status quo in response to the politics that fueled World War I. They created absurd, colorful, fun art that broke all the rules simply by having no rules. Philosophically, the Dadaist response, both then and now, to the absurdities they perceive is to be mindful of the irrational and utilize the absurd as a guiding force that embraces chance procedures, playfulness, found objects, irony, and whimsical expression while also taking the opportunity to examine context, question purpose, and measure personal values against a perceived societal mean through the use of cutting edge contemporary tools to dialogue with their audience.

These are the challenges put forth to contemporary practitioners of Dada:
Can art successfully challenge a fixed mindset? Is a dialogue generated by provocative art possible and can it lead to change, co-existence, tolerance, and cooperation? Can art inspired by Dadaism be important or relevant today, or is it something that was of its time?

The artists, performers, musicians, videographers, and other creative types participating in this exhibition collectively present the imaginative results of being challenged to move beyond the Duchampian idea of ‘retinal art’ and focus on the possibilities within the creative process to introduce or re-imagine philosophies of free thought and creative output as vehicles for intellectual expansion, questioning contemporary notions of what constitutes art Here and Now.


Hanna Regev

HANNA REGEV directs inSPACE Curatorial in the Pacific Felt Factory in the  Mission District San Francisco. Regev approaches her curatorial practice by mixing traditional arts with time-based media, body based media, video, installation, and photography. The multi-dimensional approach informs us of the newest practices in the community and pulls together artists who are emerging, mid-career, and established. Regev curated “Living with Endangered Languages in the Information Age” (seen at Root Division as well as the Euphrat Gallery at DeAnza College), “3D Printing Technologies: The Radical Shift,” and “Taming Fire,” a solo exhibition with Igor Josifov. She co-curated in “Bearing Witness: Surveillance in the Drone Age” as part of the 2015 San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF). In 2016, she will co-curate with Matt McKinley “Dada Here & Now” as part of the 2016 SFIAF at Fort Mason. Regev has an M.A. in Museum Studies and M.A. in Modern European History from San Francisco State University. She works with numerous cultural organizations and art galleries in San Francisco and the Bay Area, producing and developing cultural public programs that appeal to art lovers, collectors, and museum practitioners.

Matt McKinley

San Francisco native MATT MCKINLEY’s curatorial approach is renowned for his keen eye for color relationships, his sensitivity in facilitating imagery interaction within his layout designs and the diversity of topics addressed through his thematic exhibits. Reflecting on his role as curator, Matt states, “Curating shows feeds my inquisitive nature about the world around me and designing installations satisfies my need for visual harmony. My commitment to visual art, particularly when made in the San Francisco Bay Area, is to create interesting and accessible shows that bring together both artists working in all media and people from diverse backgrounds that appreciate artistic endeavors.”  Prior to his consulting business, McKinley Art Solutions, Matt was Chief Curator at ARTworkSF Gallery.  Currently, Matt is a working member of the Bay Area Model’s Guild, Curatorial Associate with BorderZone Arts, an international non-profit art and program organization, and Vice President of the Board at ArtSpan. Matt has also concepted, curated, juried and designed exhibits for the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Queer Cultural Center, SOMARTS Cultural Center, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Asian American Women Artists Association, San Francisco Sex Information and Lambda Legal, The San Francisco Artists' Resource Center, Project Open Hand, and San Francisco Women Artists Gallery.

Artist Biographies

Paul Cartier

PAUL CARTIER is an energetic professional educator and artist with over 12 years of experience in working with non-profits, schools, museums, exhibitions, and publications. He is skilled at using creative approaches in combining and synthesizing different forms of art and media, including photography and video-based works.

Antonio Cortez 

ANTONIO CORTEZ is a multimedia artist and photographer known for developing Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art, a series of renderings and prints that explores geometries from abstract mathematical functions and their intersection with art.  Mr. Cortez is also working in conceptual installation art through projects integrating photography, media arts and para-design.

Tom Dunn

TOM DUNN describes his painting practice as an intuitive form of image making that derives from the subconscious. Rather than the medium being used to illustrate an idea, the imagery evolves through a ritualistic painting practice with a Dionysian embrace of chaos and the irrational. During this process, things either ‘work’ or don’t ‘work’ according to the painting’s own evolving logic. Visual decisions are made in response to the decisions that came before them in an ongoing process until the painting is resolved. The ‘logic’ that determines these decisions is intuitive and the resulting paintings are not burdened with having to ‘mean’ anything.

Danielle Freakley

DANIELLE FREAKLEY, originally from Australia, is currently an LA based video and performance artist.

Anna Geyer

ANNA GEYER is an award-winning experimental filmmaker and writer. Her films have screened in many festivals internationally. A fascination with non-traditional methods of both production and presentation is apparent in her work. Cameraless, non-representational work has been the emphasis of much of her recent effort, although she frequently describes her work as “experimental with a narrative bent”. Live three- or four-projector loop sets, often performed in collaboration with local musicians, combine the technology of the past and present and include abstract imagery, with live action work and degraded digital imagery as well. She teaches cinema classes at both City College of San Francisco and Solano Community College.

Kio Griffith

The work of KIO GRIFFITH is research into the specific sonic and visual transformation of history, myths, geographic locations, documentation and time. Through sound sculptures, installations, audio and visual recordings, crowd sourcing, and live performances, new narrative representations search for clues in which truisms are deconstructed, rearranged and orchestrated into an immersive social experience. The characteristics of sound, its layering of frequencies, the authoring of scores, the poignancy of its temporal realm, continuity, are evoked through patterns and loops, while objective physicality mirrors the pleasure of noise, atonality and harmony. Kio is a Los Angeles and Japan based visual and sound artist, independent curator, writer, and producer. His work includes drawing, painting, sound, video, performance, electronics, language, sculpture and installation. He has exhibited in UK, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Belgium and the U.S

Katya Grokhovsky

KATYA GROKHOVSKY works and lives in New York. She holds an MFA in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BFA from Victorian College of the Arts, Australia and a BA (Honors) in Fashion from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Her interdisciplinary practice, which combines painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and video, explores issues of gender, culture, and the self, often employing the body as a tool to weave together the personal and political.

John Held, Jr.

JOHN HELD, JR. is an American mailartist, author and performance artist who has been an active participant in alternative art since 1975, particularly in the fields of rubber stamp art, zine culture, and artistamps. He is one of the most prominent and respected promoters and chroniclers of mail art.

Carl Heyward + GAP

CARL HEYWARD is a mixed-media artist with an interest in juxtaposition of imagery and themes through various media. Carl explains,”There is something appealing in the combination of fractured or fragmented images that coalesce into something new and different especially in that the "rough-edges" of the units have meaning and can't be broken down any further analogous to a "morpheme" in language. These visual units are then put together with other, often dissimilar, morphemes producing something between the lines, so to speak, an alchemy beyond intention, the parts not distilled but united with other units of visual meaning, information and producing a higher plane of communication.”

He has exhibited his mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally and has been collected by numerous institutions and individuals including: The Sackner Archives, Califia Books, The New Museum of Art (NY), SF Museum of Modern Art Library, SF Art Institute, SF Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The Australian National Gallery and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art. 

Global Art Project [GAP]

The diverse group of painters, mixed-media artists, textile, photo and collage practitioners share a common interest in what they term FRAGMENTATION: the taking of disparate elements (FRAGS) not ordinarily associated with art practice and combining them with creative passion, inventive ingenuity and above all, a belief in the democratization of the art process from inception to execution to presentation to acquisition. GAP champions collaborative activity as a vehicle for stimulation and enhanced creative discovery having experienced the rewards of group interaction and the illuminating effect in  enhancing  personal practice. The artists participating in GAP are: Maria T. Allocco, Mario Catalona, John Crabtree, Vered Gersztenkorn, Violet Skipp Haffner, Jenny Hynes, Annie Lindberg, Monica Lisi, Macha Melanie, Massimo Nota, Laura Oh, Glen Rogers, Alvaro Sanchez, Robert Reed, Ron Shelton, Akiko Suzuki, Ron Weijers, Heather Wilcoxon and Masani Landfair Wisewaters.

Janet Jones

JANET JONES creates intimate and contemplative work, inviting close observation of the details we often overlook. These works are tactile, and combine prepared and found materials, giving these humble materials the elegant presentations they deserve. A parallel theme she addresses is memory and the ways in which narratives are overlaid and altered over time. Photographic transparencies, documents and text are layered in ways that permit alternate interpretations. 

Jonathon Keats

JONATHON KEATS is an experimental philosopher, artist and writer based in the United States and Italy. Recently he opened the first photosynthetic restaurant, serving gourmet sunlight to plants at the Crocker Art Museum. He has also exhibited extraterrestrial abstract artwork at the Magnes Museum, choreographed ballet for honeybees at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and attempted to genetically engineer God in collaboration with UC Berkeley scientists. Exhibited internationally, his projects have been documented by PBS, Reuters, and the BBC World Service, and periodicals ranging from Science to Flash Art to The Economist. His most recent book, "Forged: Why Fakes Are the Great Art of Our Age", is published by Oxford University Press, which will also publish his new book on the legacy of Buckminster Fuller in 2016. He is represented by Modernism Gallery in San Francisco and Baang + Burne in New York.

Naomie Kremer

NAOMIE KREMER is an Israeli born American artist living and working in Oakland, CA. She is known for paintings that incorporate video and digital projection, and her work in set design for the performing arts. In 2011 she collaborated with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company to create a video based set for the performance Light Moves, which premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and was subsequently performed at the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland and the Dance Center at Columbia College in Chicago. She is represented by Modernism, Inc. in San Francisco, McClain Gallery in Houston, 212 Gallery in Aspen, and Von Fraunberg Gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany

Kadet Kuhne

KADET KUHNE is a visual and sound artist who generates synthetic stimuli as an investigation of subjectivity through systems of control and technological mediation. With a preoccupation of what constitutes consciousness, Kadet aims to prompt visceral, even pre-verbal emotional and physical responses to the invisible forces of particles and vibration that construct all matter. Taking form in video, installation, album releases, performance, interactivity, 3D printing and 2D print, Kadet’s works have been presented nationally and internationally at select venues such as the Museum of Art Lucerne, de Young Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Contemporary Art Center Villa Arson, Antimatter Film Festival, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Krowswork, LACE Gallery, Crossroads Film Festival and Highways Performance Space and Gallery.

Gil Kuno

GIL KUNO’s works are a rebellion to the current art scene and practices. Gil shares, “I have been influenced by punk rock and noise music, both of which applied the rebellious attitude of Dadaism to music.I try to challenge traditional conventions and break down social constructs with my selection of materials and themes.I often use chaos and disorder as a tool to aid in my expression.”

Jon Kuzmich

JON KUZMICH creates labor and process-intensive visual systems that involve the conceptually driven organization of small, synthetic units into large and complex systems. His work is often inspired by the fact that our perception as human beings is altered and distorted by our belief in systems that we create (religious, economic, scientific, etc.). By virtue of this distortion, systems change our relationship to the world, manipulate our understanding of reality and influence our relationship to the cosmos. In essence, our belief systems keep us confined within a synthetic, human-created world. Therefore, even though the artist utilizes Op-art, abstraction and conceptual art, he considers the work to be representational because the visual systems alter the perception of the viewer and illustrate that what we see and what we know are questionable.

Mary Corey March

The work of MARY COREY MARCH exists in spaces between "art" and "craft", "high tech" and "low tech", so-called "women's work" and "men's work".  Sometimes the expression of that liminality is in the concept, sometimes the materials.  In the case of my interactive pieces, the participant enters liminal space during their interaction.  They hover between definitions, making choices within a system which express something of their identity and experiences.  The results can be something like data visualizations.

Douglas McCulloh

DOUGLAS MCCULLOH is an American photographer notable for conceptual photographic projects based on “systematic randomness” and chance operations. McCulloh’s work is “an extension of the traditions of street photography, social documentary photography, oral history and Surrealist chance operations,” states photo historian Jonathan Green. “As such, it is grounded in some of the century’s most powerful conceptual currents.” McCulloh is one of six photographers who in 2006 transformed an F-18 jet hangar into the world’s largest camera to make the world’s largest photograph. McCulloh also curates exhibitions, most notably Sight Unseen: International Photography by Blind Artists, the first major museum exhibition of work by blind photographers. McCulloh, under the nom-de-plume “Quoteman,” has also collected and posted online thousands of quotations about photography. 

Patrick Rees

PATRICK REES is an LA based artist and curator.  Originally from Australia, his extensive body of video and photography work is rooted in Dada theory and concepts.

Rachel Znerold

As a painter, one-of-a-kind eco-fashion designer, performance artist and teacher, RACHEL ZNEROLD makes her life out of making art. With a degree in Fine Art and Advertising from The University of Colorado in Boulder, she became a resident artist at Rembrandt Yard Gallery, and taught painting, fashion design, and performance at schools throughout Boulder. She is now a member of the Mission District's vibrant art scene in SF. Rachel’s work has show at Wonderland Gallery, Secession Art & Design, Femina Potens, and Roll Up Gallery, and she has performed at San Francisco venues like the Rickshaw Stop, Dance Mission Theatre, The Box Factory, Mezzanine, 111 Minna, The Lab and at Yerba Buena Night Out- SFMoma New Media Lounge

Michael Vale

MICHAEL VALE is a visual artist, writer, curator and academic.   In addition to exhibiting paintings, installations, photographs and video works he has also worked as a TV writer, scenery painter, interior designer, and art administrator.   In 2006 he completed his PhD at Monash University with a multi-media “art fiction” project entitled Le Chien qui Fume – A Smokey Life. He has held 16 solo exhibitions since 1986, as well as participating in numerous curated group exhibitions and short film festivals. He is currently employed as a lecturer in Painting at Monash University, RMIT University, and (since 2002) as a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School.   His artworks are held in several public collections in Australia, as well as private collections both here and overseas. 

Steven Wolkoff

STEVEN WOLKOFF is an LA based sculptor.

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