ABD Productions (USA) with Mezoamerika (El Salvador)


Fri. May 29, 7:00pm
Sat. May 30 9:30pm
Sun. May 31 3:00pm
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Presented by ABD Productions (duration 75 minutes)


Artistic Director : Anne Bluethenthal

Principle Collaborators
Associate Director: Luz Mena
Assistant Director: Malena Mayorga
Grupo Mezoamerika: Godofredo Eheverría, Mauricio López Guillén,Rene Muñoz, Ennio Antonio Sol Guerra
Historical Consultants: Roberto Gómez, Patricia Morales
Vocalist: Roxana Damas
Prod Manager/Light Designer: Allen Wilner
Visual Design: Victor Cartagena
Sound and Video Design: Alejandro Acosta
Costume Design: Cassandra Carpenter
Performers: Nick Brentley, Delvis Savigne Frinon, Rama Hall, Diana Lara, Jill Hibbert, Andreina Jiridon, and Frances Sedayao


These performances of ANDARES were made possible in part by a generous grant from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation



ANDARES is a multidisciplinary performance work created in collaboration with Salvadoran artist-activists grappling with the legacies of a brutal civil war, and an ongoing struggle for reclamation, accountability and justice. Twenty years after the war’s end, El Salvador is entering a time of political and social transformation, with a progressive government engaging the complex layers of truth telling and accountability. The musicians of El Salvador’s Mezoamerika, working in collaboration with ABD Productions’ Anne Bluethenthal, Luz Mena, and local Salvadoran artists bring forward the music, art and stories of the war to illustrate the ways it shapes and informs the present.

ABD Productions creates dances that grow from deep investigations into the language of movement, using that language in eloquent and subversive acts of art. Celebrating 31 years of multi-cultural, women-centered performance, Artistic Director Anne Bluethenthal’s work endeavors to awaken our basic humanity through bold and nuanced choreographies, injecting the possibility of transformation and beauty to daunting subjects such as Israel & Palestine, globalization, the environment, genocide, and gender. Through their award-winning performances and collaborations, ABD is committed to inspiring social change through the arts, and through engagement and co-creation with diverse communities.


Salvadoran Collaborators

Three of the following musicians, members of the Salvadoran band, Mezoamerika, fought and played music in El Salvador’s revolutionary war front. One was an activist and collaborator in refugee camps.

Godofredo Antonio Echeverría

Godofredo Antonio Echeverría, flutist, percussionist, and music archivist, joined the Mezoamerika band for the ANDARES project in 2014. As a founding member of the historic Tepeuani Band (1970s-1980s), which played for special events during the war and in refugee camps, Echeverría toured Europe, Mexico, Canada and Central America. He is also tour and event organizer and promoter for Sibemol Productions (2000-2015).

Roberto Gómez

Roberto Gómez, former combatant and FMLN leader currently works with CONAMYPE, assisting displaced communities from both the FMLN and the Salvadoran army to form productive enterprises. As historical consultant for ANDARES, Gomez helps to anchor the artistic visions in the structural, economic, and political dimensions of collective memory and social reconstruction.

Mauricio López Guillén

Mauricio López Guillén, flutist and composer of the Mezoamerika, owns a collection of over 50 certified pre-Hispanic flutes and percussion instruments. He was a founding member of the band, Talticpac, has given concerts in El Salvador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras and the United States, and has won several national awards for his music.

Ennio Sol

Ennio Sol, flutist, percussionist, and composer is founder of Mezoamerika. Sol founded and directed other important folkloric bands in El Salvador (Cuchumacuic, 1and Kuzamalut. He has recorded 2 CDs, “The Emigreé” with Kuzamalut, and “The Journey” with Mezoamérika, and has given concerts in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico.

René Muñoz

René Muñoz, pianist, composer, music arranger, and keyboard player for Mezoamerika. Pianist for national composer Franklin Quezada (Cuba), principal pianist for the El Salvador Big Band, Muñoz has participated in several international jazz festivals (2007, 2008, 2009) and was a member of the historic Cutumay Camones band during the war (1980s).

Patricia Morales

Patricia Morales. Event and art project organizer for the Secretariat of Art and Culture for the Presidency (2008 to present). A former combatant and medical assistant for the FMLN during the war, Patricia brings to ANDARES vivid and poignant narratives and images of daily life at the war front as a soldier, mother, sister and friend.

Bay Area Collaborators

Anne Bluethenthal is Founder and Artistic Director of ABD Productions, a multi-cultural modern dance company committed to activism in the arts. Her choreography and community collaborations—for which she has received numerous awards—engage urgent political concerns locally and internationally. On the faculty of the MFA Creative Inquiry Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, her current passions include international collaborations, creating new art economies, blurring the boundaries between formal performance and community arts practices, and inquiring into untold stories and unheard voices.

Originally from El Salvador, Victor Cartagena has been living in SF since the 80’s working in the media of printmaking, painting, drawing, installation and set-design. Showing his award-winning work nationally and internationally, Cartagena examines the socio-political landscapes of consumer culture, homelessness, capital punishment, exile, identity, and the use of power. http://www.victorcartagena.net/Victor/CV.htm

Salvadorean artist, educator and community organizer, Malena Mayorga combines improvisational dance and experimental theater to stimulate dialogue about social and political questions. Having worked with Theater of the Oppressed, Bread and Puppet Theater, and Teatro Campesino de Nicaragua, her projects involve immigrant rights, anti-militarization, and theater for incarcerated people.

Luz Mena, cultural geographer, and dancer is project manager of ANDARES. A Salvadoran political exile and member of ABD Productions, Luz has conceived and co-created the ANDARES project in close collaboration with Artistic Director Anne Bluethenthal, the members of Mezoamerika, and all the ANDARES collaborators in El Salvador and in the Bay Area.

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