Adrian Arias (USA)

When Fire Visits Us (Dream Two)

May 21-22 11:00am
Duration: 60 minutes
with procession

Chapel and Gallery 308
Tickets: General Admission
$15 in advance, $20 at door


Directed by Adrian Arias
Zöe Klein, Amelia Uzategui, Anaís Azul, Adrián Arias
Special Guests Dancers:
La Tania, Clara Rodriguez
Musicians: Amelia Romano, Misha Khalikulov, Josh Mellinger, Dina Zarif,
Anais Azul

Guest composers:
Schuyler Karr & Anais Azul
Light, Costumes and Space Design by Adrian
Video and photo by
Ivonne Iriondo and Adrian
Crew: Maisa Arias, Ivonne Iriondo,
Abril Iriondo

Adrian Arias

DREAM #2, When Fire Visits Us
Visual Poem by Adrian Arias
Fire is chosen in this new performance by Adrián Arias, which explores the poetic-conceptual and destructive burden that this element carries. Influenced by his last years of experience in the laboratory of scores by Anna Halprin, Adrian has created a series of scores-performances that tell us how fire can live within us to give us life. Collaborating with special guests: La Tania, Clara Rodriguez, Zoë Klein and Dina Zarif. Music by StringQuake and Anais Azul. Show dedicated to Anna Halprin, for her teachings and wisdom.


Visual artist, poet and performer Adrián Arias, creates his new Visual-Poem-performance DREAM #2, When Fire Visits Us, working in collaboration with dancers-performers from Anna Halprin’s Wednesday Scoring Lab, Amelia Uzástegui and Kristi Williamson, and special guests in flamenco: internationally renowned and Isadora Duncan awardee La Tania and Clara Rodriguez, and award winning dancer-acrobat Zoë Klein. With live music by String Quake: Amelia Romano, Harp; Misha Khalikulov, cello; Josh Mellinger, cajón. The music includes a choral piece specially composed and sung by Anais Azul and Dina Zarif, and an original arrangement of Stravinsky’s Firebird by Schuyler Karr, musician and co-director of the Red Poppy Art House.

Adrian Arias


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