Sunday May 22, 7:00pm
Duration: 90 minutes with intermission

Gallery 308
Tickets: General Admission
$15 Advance, $20 Door
Reserved Table Seating
$20 Advance, $25 Door
Front Row Reserved Seating
$25 Advance, $30 Door

Avotjca and Modúpue

Sound waves of Jazz, Blues and bilingual Poetry that speaks of love, Community, roots and the creative connection of the soul that binds us all. AVOTCJA & MODÚPUE is a “one of a kind” cultural ensemble composed of world class performers from major San Francisco Bay Area bands. The Bay Area Blues Society awarded AVOTCJA & MODÚPUE “Jazz Group of the Year" in 2005 & 2010.

Members include: Avotcja-small Multi-Percussion & Poetry, Sandi Poindexter-Violin, Jon Jang-Piano, Val Serrant-Steel Drum, Djembe & Vocals, Francis Wong-Sax, Flute & Clarinet, Heshima Mark Williams-Bass, Baba Ken Okulolo-Talking Drum & Vocals, and Raul Ramirez-Percussion. 


(Inspired by & dedicated to Sandi Poindexter, Jon Jang,
Francis Wong, Eugene Warren, Heshima Mark Williams, Val Serrant,
Baba Ken Okulolo, Yancie Taylor, Manny Martinez, Hector Lugo,
Raul Ramirez, John-Carlos Perea, Jimmy Biala, Coto Pincheira & myself Avotcja)

Our Music is a healer
An intergalactic time traveler
That speaks all languages
Sometimes all at once
As we move in & out of the familiar
And into zones unknown
Our Music is harmonically precocious
A reckless stealer of hearts
That sometimes flirts with your intellect
And forces you to sit, to listen
While other times
It sings to your feet
And you
Find yourself having to get up & dance
Our Music is
Shamelessly unpredictable
Still as familiar
As your Grand-Ma’s Backyard
We ride on rhythmic waves of
International togetherness
Into the beautiful other-worldliness
And magnificent difference of each other
Our Music is
A fanatical mixture of
Love & listening
A creative, adventuristic,
Open ended blissful discipline
That respectfully speaks all languages
Sometimes all at the same time
But always
Leads us back to the beauty that is us

Copyright © Avotcja

Avotjca and Modupue

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