Bandelion (USA)

Beware the Band of Lions III

Sunday May 29, 4:00pm and 9:00pm
Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets: General Admission
$20 advance $25 door

6:00pm Room C305 FREE
Decompression with Bandelion

Note: These are Relaxed Performances.


Directed by
Eric Kupers
Choreographed by
Eric Kupers, Randee Paufve
& the ensemble members
Music by
Text and Theatrical Arc by
Bandelion, Randee Paufve &
Theater Grottesco

artist name

Beware the Band of Lions III transmits Eric Kupers Bandelion’s ongoing inquiry into radically inclusive, interdisciplinary, experimental performance, exploring how performance can include the audience as active participants—towards the goal of everyone in the room having visceral opportunities for transformation and healing.

In between shows join members of Bandelion for Decompression in Room C305 (Building C). This is a session of gentle, improvised music, creating an environment for participants to listen, rest, meditate, dream and stretch in the midst of the Festival.

Bandelion is Eric Kupers’ core research ensemble within Dandelion Dancetheater. Dandelion was founded in 1996. Co-Directors Kupers and Guthrie create interdependently: directing individual projects and co-directing collaborations. Bandelion/Dandelion performs in a wide array of usual and unusual venues throughout the Bay Area every year and has toured across California, as well as to New York, Santa Fe, Yosemite, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Scotland and India. Dandelion has received support from local and national foundations as well as a complex web of community members and organizations.


Bruce Bierman, Jewish dance leader, Actor, Director and former performer with Aman World Folk Dance Ensemble. Bruce is the newest member of Bandelion and is helping to immerse the ensemble in international Jewish dance forms.

Chris Evans, classically trained professional cellist, experimental musician, blossoming dancer, active in Bay Area visual arts scene—she wants art in every aspect of her life. Bandelion since 2013.

Chris Gallegos, enthusiastic dancer, computer scientist, visual artist, video artist, clarinet player, singer, dyslexic improviser—he becomes a voracious velociraptor onstage. Bandelion since 2010.

Dawn Frank Holtan, dancer & choreographer, versatile improviser, writer of stories & grants, actress, unschooling mother of three—she wants to create raw, honest work. DDT since 1996. Bandelion since 2012.

Corissa “Reese” Johnson, dancer & singer, hip hop & jazz teacher, choreographer, budding drummer—she seeks healing & mending through dance. Bandelion since 2010.

Nils Jorgensen, former professional quad rugby player, now a coach, trainer, actor and disability rights provocateur. He helps lead the Embarcadero YMCA’s adaptive athletics program.

Eric Kupers, Director/Choreographer who loves putting aside his “in-charge” hat and being guided by Bandelions to dance, sing, play music and experiment.

Keith Penney, multi-instrumentalist, ardent rebel, anti-authoritarian, physicist, runs his own band, plays accordion, guitar, percussion, bass, piano—he’s driven by fierce passion. Bandelion since 2008.

Anne-Lise Reusswig, deeply dedicated dancer with Cunningham roots & ballet shoots, choreographer, singer, cellist—she needs art in her life as a way to connect, to feel alive. DDT since 1999. Bandelion since 2007.

Frances Sedayao, fluid dancer, choreographer, playful actress, expert improviser, black belt in Tae Kwon Do, singer, flutist, Pilipino native—she’s tiny but tough & captivating. DDT since 2001. Bandelion since 2014.

Bandelion collaborates. All ensemble members develop movement, sound, theatrical & design elements. We are inspired by Physically Integrated Dance, in which people with and without disabilities figure out how to move together, create together, and set up accessible structures for performance. Our work includes different ability levels due to disabilities & devotion to different artistic disciplines. We each come with unique skills & unique difficulties, & we communicate rigorously so that we can effectively train, support each other, & create art we’re all invested in.


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