CALI & CO dance/Matt EL with special guest

Park Nahoon Dance
(USA, South Korea)



Fri. May 22 9:30pm
Sat. May 23 3:30pm
Sun. May 24 8:00pm
Fleet Room
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Presented by CALI & CO and Matt EL (duration 65 minutes)


These performances of You ARE HERE are made possible in part through the generous support of the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.


You ARE HERE is the umbrella for a two-year USA/Korea exchange touring project and collaboration with CALI & CO dance/Matt EL and Park Na Hoon Dance (Seoul, South Korea).

In You ARE HERE, choreographer Christine Cali and musician Matt Langlois ask the question: "How do we make sense of these bodies gifted to us and the disappearing nature of our existence?" From the dark to the light, this dance and live music performance grapples with how we decide to spend our time here as humans. You ARE HERE features live original music by Matt EL, visual projections, fiercely crafted dance and metaphorical text that collide and mesh in a lush and visceral palpation of performance. You ARE HERE excavates how our self-individualization is affected by our collision with the modern world and technology while facing the reality that humans can be both destructive and positive forces on one another. You ARE HERE is the umbrella for a two-year collaborative touring project with Park Nahoon Dance from Seoul.

Park Na Hoon Dance (Seoul, S Korea) will share the program with CALI & CO dance/Matt EL, opening the show with Three Airs, which premiered in 2007 at the Grand Theater in The Cultural & Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea. Three airs consists of three organisms filled with air and through their movements, the organisms express the thirst for life symbolized by air. Nahoon will also perform a sneak-peek duet in You ARE HERE with Christine Cali to kick-off their upcoming collaborative touring project (2016). Christine and Nahoon met in Seoul while both were teaching at SungKyunKwan University (06’-08’).

CALI & CO dance: “Making Impactful art about Important Ideas” since 2001
Through contemporary dance and original live music, CALI & CO dance/Matt EL create work that is poignant and revelatory; works that deconstruct social norms and openly challenge constructs of gender, race and class. Meshing form and technique with improvisation; precision with wild abandon; motion with words; body with technology; CALI & CO/Matt EL craft their work from an unapologetic, mindful and daring state. Their body of work simultaneously confronts and disarms with humor, humility, unabashed dancing and powerful sound; exposing the underbelly of human interaction and the beauty that rises out of being present. Together, CALI & CO dance and Matt EL create art that is revelatory, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and truth seeking.


Christine Cali (Artistic Director/Performer-MFA Hollins U/ADF 06’, BFA Ohio U 97’) is the Artistic Director of CALI & CO dance and has been named “one of the most ferocious, spell-binding dancers I’ve seen in this city (San Francisco)” by Rachel Howard (SF Chronicle). Her dance career spans over two decades nationally and abroad. Cali is teaching faculty at ODC Dance Commons, Sonoma State University and ROCO Dance. She tours regularly as a guest artist and teacher and has taught and/or performed at Alonzo King’s LINES BFA program, A.C.T. MFA Acting program, University of San Francisco, The Branson School, The Marin School of The Arts, SF Conservatory of Dance, University of Wyoming, University of South Florida, Mendocino College, Ohio University, SungKyunKwan University in Seoul, S Korea, The Ambrit School in Rome, Italy, as well as workshops and performances in Japan, China, Toronto, NYC and more. Christine just received a generous Academic Integration Grant through The Green Music Center/Sonoma State University for the upcoming USA/Korea exchange project and will be touring this project throughout the US and Korea in 15’/16’. More info here:

MATT LANGLOIS/Matt EL, aka The Welcome Matt (Music Director/Performer) Originally from New England turned longtime San Francisco resident, Matt has released eight CD’s under The Welcome Matt and two with the Bay Area music project HEY BRONTOSAURUS. In 2012 he released his first compilation CD, THE PANHANDLE YEARS featuring songs written over the last decade. From 2009 to 11’, his musical brainchild, MEMBERS OF SOUND produced a song a month for two years, collaborating with renowned Bay Area musicians and producers. The Welcome Matt’s WAKE ME UP IN SAN FRANCISCO has been featured on KFOG 104.5 and played at San Francisco Giants games at AT&T Park. THAT I CAN DO, co-written and performed with Christine Cali was selected for KFOG’s 2011 summer music sampler. Matt has collaborated with CALI & CO for the past four years, composing and playing live for evening-length works: C.O.M.A., S.T.O.R.M, L.O.A.D.E.D., SUSPECT, and You ARE HERE. He now holds the role of music director/composer/accompanist for CALI & CO dance. More info here:

Nahoon Park (Choreographer/Performer) is a director, choreographer, performer and lecturer at SungKyunKwan University, Seoul, South Korea, Associate Director for Singapore ODT Company and Director of Park Nahoon Dance. He was selected as a new and powerful artist by the Arts Council of Korea 03’ which allowed him the opportunity to study and train overseas. Dance critics in Seoul selected Nahoon as a distinguished choreographer in 2004 where he received the Best Choreographer Award. In 2007 his work Three Airs was selected as a work of superiority in the 3rd Performing Arts Market (PAMS) in Seoul. Nahoon has performed his work in China, Japan and Singapore and has recently been the invited Korean company to present work and collaborate in Brazil (09’), Finland (12’), Russia (13’), Berlin, Italy and San Francisco (2014’-16’). He holds a BA in Dance (SungKyunKwan University SKKU 96’)), MA in Dance Studies (Hansung University 06’), and Phd - Interdisciplinary Program in Performing Arts (SKKU 10’). More info here:


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