Charlie Levin (USA)

Single Point Perspective:
A Meditation on Race,
Loss, Grief, and
The Other

Saturday May 21 5:00pm
Friday May 27 7:00pm
Sunday May 29 4:00pm
Friday June 3 9:30pm
Duration: 45-60 minutes,
no intermission

Tickets: General Admission
$15 in advance, $20 at door

Charlie Levin

In this unique and intimate performance, witness a painting come to life in response to a text read aloud by the audience. Starting behind a large, clear piece of glass, Levin uses melted wax to create illuminated images that change with the direction and intensity of light. The elegiac text blends personal interviews, Twitter feeds, and other quotes with original reflections on perspective, race, conflict, grief, and loss. Experience how both truth and art are created — by many single perspectives together.

Charlie Levin


Charlie Levin

Charlie Levin makes performances, interactive paintings, and installations exploring questions of complexity, identity, and perception. Her innovative interactive wax paintings use transparency, light, and sensors to create body::art experiences bridging digital and analog experience. With over 20 years of work, including as co-founder of Chicago-based Local Infinities Visual Theater, her work has been presented locally, nationally, and internationally. Highlights: Oerel (Netherlands), Kyiv Travnevy (Ukraine), Sight Sonic (UK), Soundwalk (Long Beach). Bay Area shows include Keeping an Eye on Surveillance curated by Hanna Regev, CODAME’s 5ENSES, and collaborations with the renowned interactive technology dance company Kinetech Arts.


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