Christine Bonansea

Asteria 1

(2015, World Premiere)

Fri. June 05 9:30pm
Sat. June 06 7:00pm
Sun. June 07 5:30pm
Tickets: $10-$15 General Admission

Presented by Christine Bonansea (duration 35 minutes)


These performances were made possible by a grant from the Phyllis C, Wattis Foundation.


Asteria 1 is part of a new choreographic series of 11 solo dances for women inspired by the 11 body lives of the mythical Greek figure Asteria. The project investigates aspects of temporality and transformation of the body in space. Based on the concept of "eternal recurrence" that is central to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bonansea created an iterative process using the idea that with infinite time and a finite number of events, they will recur again and again infinitely. The work presented at SFIAF is the first proposition of The 11 Possibilities of Asteria.


Christine Bonansea is a multi disciplinary performer artist and choreographer who studied in choreographic dance centers in France with Regine Chopinot, Mathilde Monnier and Catherine Diverres. She’s been performing with numbers of companies internationally. Her work covers a broad artistic field, featured an integrated and participatory process carried out in collaboration with artists. Resident artist in international art programs and commissioned by festival art organizations in Europe, USA and Japan. She’s supported by Theater Bay area CASH Grant, the Zellerbach Family foundation, the American Dance Abroad, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Lightning Designer Grant.


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