Wes Modes,
Lanier Sammons,
Brent Townshend

Co-Related Space

Thur. May 21 6:00pm (light permitting), 9:00pm
Herbst Pavilion
Tickets: Free

Wes Modes
Lanier Sammons
Brent Townsend


When a person enters Co-related Space, they are immediately surrounded by playful laser lines on the floor responding to their movement. A musical score also keyed to their movement reverberates through the Spartan physical space. Children and adults dance through the space, experimenting with ways their interactions affect the musical soundscape and laser light. Co-related Space transforms public space into a playground of sound and light.


Wes Modes

Wes Modes is a Santa Cruz artist and MFA candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz Digital Art and New Media program. He has exhibited his sculpture regionally since 1996.Wes worked in the tech industry for 25 years as a software engineer, systems administrator, and systems architect. His computer systems work includes Silicon Graphics, Adobe, and UCSC, serving as the primary systems architect of the Grateful Dead Archive Online.In various lives, he is a sculptor, writer, performer, artist, community organizer, geek, and mischief-maker. Wes’ favorite places are the Muni tunnels, the metal scrap heap at the dump, the china basin wastelands, old military bases, abandoned old houses, ancient antique stores, urban desolation, the magic places where anything can happen.

Lanier Sammons

Lanier Sammons is a composer, recordist, guitarist, and educator based in Santa Cruz, CA. As a composer, Lanier’s music often explores ideas like audience interactivity, improvisation, the intersection of popular and classical musics, and the pairing of electronic and acoustic sound. His works have been featured recently at SEAMUS 2012, the Spark Festival, and on EcoSono’s Agents Against Agency DVD release. Lanier served as the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History's first Participatory Performing Artist-in-Residence. Ensembles such as the Talujon Percussion Quartet, counter)induction, the Da Capo Chamber Players, and Rêlache have premiered his pieces.

Brent Townsend

Brent Townshend is an artist and inventor from Toronto, Canada. Brent first became seriously involved with photography as an art form while working on a Doctoral degree at Stanford University. With the darkroom competing with the computer laboratory for his time, he started in black & white 35mm photography and then, in a quest for greater fidelity to reality, moved to a field 4x5 camera and then to color large-format work. During this period he pursued two lines of exploration in parallel; one following the California landscape traditions seeded by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston; the other in street photography with an aim for immediacy.


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