Davalos Dance



Thur. June 4 8:00pm
Fri. June 5 8:00pm
Sat. June 6 6:00pm

Cowell Theater
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Shared Program with HORSE Dance Theater, Christine Germain and Dancers and Gretchen Garnett and Dancers

Presented by Davalos Dance (duration 90 minutes)

Choreographer: CatherineMarie Davalos
Playwright: Angela Santillo
Director: Rebecca Engle
Lighting Designer: Linda Baumgardner
Costume Designer: Rogelio Lopez
Graphic Designer: David Gaylord



These performances of OH THE MOON! were supported in part by a generous grant from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.


Oh the MOON! is a dance-theatre work conceived and choreographed by CatherineMarie Davalos. Through movement, image and spoken word, Oh the Moon! contemplates our lunar neighbor and its many universal and cultural associations. The Davalos Dance Company will perform an excerpt from the work, Moon Rising which highlights the energy of the various phases of the moon. Movement metaphors and images, like “the cow jumped over the moon,” moon pies, “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie”, serve as a moon commercial that is portrayed through movement and shadow puppetry.

The Davalos Dance Company is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the SFIAF in 2015. Other recent Bay Ares performances include the first annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers in Oakland, October 2014; A Wintry Mix at CounterPulse, in 2012 and Who Is She? a collaboration with Rosana Barragán, Dana Lawton, and Jia Wu for SFIAF in 2010. As a guest choreographer with the Latin Ballet of Virginia she created dances for El Beso de la Abeja (2014) and Dia de Los Muertos (2013), as well as a full-evening work, Volver in 2012.


Catherine MarieDavalos

CatherineMarie Davalos is the Artistic Director of the Davalos Dance Company and a guest choreographer for the Latin Ballet of Virginia. Her work questions heteronormativity using a feminist, Latina perspective. Due to her art and activism, Davalos was recognized as one of ten international artists in OF NOTE Magazine for her works "A Wintry Mix" and "Volver." The Davalos Dance Company has been presented at various venues across the country since 1994 and has received funding from the NEA with the Latin Ballet of Virginia, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and the Faculty Development Office of Saint Mary’s College.

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