Workshop with Vahan Kerovpyan

From Rhythms to Rhythm

Tuesday May 26
Festival Central, Building A

12:00pm – 4:00pm

4:30pm – 5:30pm
Conversation and Dinner

6:00pm - 7:30pm
Documentary Film
Grandma’s Tattoos

Workshop Cost: $100 including dinner

Hosted by Aram Kerovpyan &
Murat Iclinalca


Starting from the rhythm that is already within us, our steps, our heartbeat and our ears, we will be questioning the basis of our perception, our ability to coordinate our body parts and the role of the mind within this process, by entering simple rhythmical patterns in various ways.

Confronting our current habits, musical sensitivity and the rational understanding of rhythms, we aim to strengthen our consciousness and ability to wander freely in the world of rhythm.

Vahan Kerovpyan is a Paris/Porto-based musician, percussionist and pianist. For several years he followed courses of dehol and zarb (Armenian and Persian percussion instruments). During his university years, he studied history and Armenian studies, in Paris. He is a member of Akn since 2001, a member of Kotchnak since 2003, and a member of the Medz Bazar collective, formed in Paris in 2012, which performs the traditional music of the Middle East. He has played in rock, reggae and soul bands. He is also a member of the theatre collective L’Enjeu a des Ailes, based in Paris. He is a member of Péniche Anako association, the educational association Mgnig, and the association Land and Culture Organisation, which works for the preservation and development of Armenian cultural heritage.

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