HORSE Dance Theatre
(Taiwan, West Coast Debut)

2 Men

(2012, U.S. Premiere)

Thur. June 4 8:00pm
Fri. June 5 8:00pm
Sat. June 6 6:00pm
Cowell Theater
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Shared Program with Gretchen Garnett and Dancers, Davalos Dance Company and Christine Germain and Dancers

Presented by SFIAF (duration 90 minutes)

Collaborators: Edward Lam, Wu-Kang Chen, Wei-Chia Su

Choreographers / Performers: Wu-Kang Chen, Wei-Chia Su

Composer / Piano Soloist: Shih-Yang Lee

Rehearsal Assistant / Company Coordinator: Ming-Hwa Yeh

Technical Director: Chia-Ming Liu

Lighting Design: Joanne Chao-Chun Chen

Costume Design: Yu-Fang Teng

Company Manager: Shu-Han Yang



These performances of 2 Men were supported in part by generous grants from the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture and the Bernard Osher Foundation.


2 Men is the collaborative creation between Edward Lam, the sharpest observer of culture on both sides of the Taiwanese Strait, and the choreographers Wu-kang Chen and Wei-chia Su. Starting with the premise of "two men who are most familiar with each other," Lam adds a whole new source of stimulation. This new point of view liberates the two performers from their habit of developing movements from physical elements and turns them towards a psychologically-based starting point. Music-wise, the artists collaborate with improvisational pianist Shih-yang Lee in the daring use of the prepared piano devise. Lee’s energetic, explosive piano work most certainly ups the ante on the experimental nature of the two HORSE artists’

The logo of HORSE is a Chinese character made of three horses, indicating the strong motivation, explosive energy. Founded in December 2004, HORSE has established a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. The unique and collaborative style brings the current generation beyond the standard frame of performances. They have created unique dance expression by infusing eastern philosophy and Taiwanese old tale with contemporary dance. HORSE aims to develop more groundbreaking performances and to establish a repertoire of “changeable”, “multi-faceted” and “diverse” styles by focusing on the higher level of art designs and exploring the origin of linguistics.


Wu-Kang CHEN Artistic Director (Choreographer, Dancer)

Chen was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, he joined Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech Company in 2001 where he became a soloist the following year. Chen performed Feld’s MANDANCE PROJECT in New York from 2004~2013. Chen received a fellowship from Asia Culture Council in 2013.
In 2005, he co-founded HORSE, the work Velocity, awarded by the Taishin Arts Award in 2007, performed at the Joyce Theater in New York the following year. HORSE has toured to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore, Düsseldorf, Hellerau. In 2013, the work of HORSE 2 MEN won the First Prize and Audience Prize in Kurt-Joss-Preis Choreography Competition.

Wei-Chia SU Director (Choreographer, Dancer)

Su is graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. He co-founded HORSE in 2005, and has created / co-choreographed /performed M dance, Stairs, Velocity, Bones, Growing Up, I, SuccessorI / II / III, 2 Men (First Prize and Audience Prize in Kurt-Jooss-Preis) and Playdead. In 2009, Su was invited to New York, to perform with Ballet Tech in a new ballet by Eliot Feld called The Spaghetti Ballet. Feld has also choreographed two solos for Su.

Edward Lam Director (Scriptwriter)

One of today's most popular and critically acclaimed directors in the Chinese theatre scene. From 1989 to 1995 he studied theatre and dance in London during which he founded Edward Lam Dance Theatre and showcased his theatrical works in London, Brussels, Paris and Hong Kong. In 1994, he won Best Adapted Screenplay at Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Horse Awards for the film Red Rose, White Rose, directed by Stanley Kwan. After returning to Hong Kong in 1995, he devoted himself to promoting theatre. He has, to date, directed over 50 works as well as worked with artists and organizations.

Shih-Yang LEE Composer (Piano Soloist)

As a composer and piano soloist, Lee moves with ease between classical music and improvised music, the founder and co-leader of the improvisation ensemble Ka Dao Yin. Its debut album "Four Characters" is recognized with the 3rd Taiwan Golden Indie Music Award. The second album "Slow" has won the Taiwan Golden Melody Award of Traditional Arts and Music for "Best Crossover Music”.

In 2013, Lee was the first Taiwanese musician being invited to perform in the MÉTÉO Music Festival Mulhouse, France. His recent live album Galactic Alignment has received "Honorary Mention" releases from The New York City Jazz Record.

Joanne Chao-Chun CHEN (Lighting Designer)

Chen owned her BFA degree in Stage Lighting Design, graduated from Theatrical Design & Technology Department at the Taipei National University of the Arts. Chen works as lighting designer and teacher in Technical Direction course. Despite of lighting designer she also collaborates with various performing arts groups in Taiwan as lighting designer assistant, master electricity and stage manager on different scale events or productions, such as Deaf Olympics opening ceremony in 2009, with HORSE in 2009-2014, Way Out by Fang-Yi Sheu & Artists in 2012.


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