Impuritan, Anna Geyer, Loachfillet, Flower Pattern, Edna Mira Raia (USA)

Dada Explodes: A Cluster of Sound, Light, and the Absurd

Saturday May 28, 8:30pm
2 hours, plus 15 minutes intermission

Gallery 308
Tickets: General Admission
$15 advance, $20 door
($5 discount on door price
for audience members with
Dada costumes or attire)


Composer/sound artist David Molina curates a surrealist carnival of Dada. Experimental rock band Impuritan and filmmaker Anna Geyer offer a sonic and visual journey through life, death, love, hate, matter, space, evolution and extinction. Impuritan’s epic compositions blend psychedelic, ambient, punk, noise, shoegaze, and surf/post/space rock. Geyer creates kaleidoscopes of color and surreal landscapes with hand-processed 16mm film loops, mixed on 3 projectors. Sound artist Loach Fillet and video artist Flower Pattern emanate a wall of throbbing sound and visuals. Actor/Comedian Edna Mira Raia hosts the evening as Hillary’s Radio Show. Audience is encouraged to wear Dada Attire or costumes.



Impuritan is the SF based experimental space rock band featuring multi-instrumentalists Alex Eliopoulos and David Molina, and drummer Pepe Abad. Eliopoulis started it as a solo project in 2005. Molina joined while mixing and co-producing the first EP “Hijacked Artifacts Treasured Forms.” (2012). The band shifted members as a quartet, duo, and finally trio. Their second album, "Make it Look Like Hothing Happened" (2014) opened up the collaborative process and explored more electronics. Abad joined shortly afterward. Their third release "Everything Is Magick" is their most epic and fierce album to date. It will be available Feb 2016.

Anna Geyer

Anna Geyer is an award winning experimental filmmaker and writer. Her films have screened in many festivals internationally. A fascination with non-traditional methods of both production and presentation is apparent in her work. Cameraless, non-representational work has been the emphasis of much her recent effort, although she frequently describes her work as, “experimental with a narrative bent”. Her live mixing of 16mm loops encompass the technology of the past, present and include abstract imagery, live action work, and degraded imagery of the digital age. She teaches cinema classes at both City College of San Francisco and Solano Community College.


Loachfillet is an Oakland composer/producer working in the medium of analog electronics, employing techniques of Musique concréte and early Industrial music. With a focus on Reel-to-Reel tape loops and Analog Synthesizers, his music often incorporates heavy bass tones, processed rhythms, textural distortion and layers of rich frequencies to create cosmic sound collages and songs. Tape loop sources include field recordings, manipulated electronics, acoustic instruments, drums, mechanical devices and miscellaneous voices. By working in the analog medium, Loach's tonal process comes to the surface organically, yet the combined elements of audio circuits and studio processing also creates a, somewhat, futuristic tapestry.

Edna Mira Raia

Edna Mira Raia is a character actor/clown, comedy writer/director, and sound designer, not afraid to delve into the vulnerable, dark corners of the sentient experience. After graduating from USF, she jumped into the arms of the late Flying Actor Studio to learn contemporary mime, commedia mask, and traditional clowning. She had notable press mention through a 2-woman show called, ‘Alice Down the Rwong Wrabbit Whole’ in 2011. She has been a resident artist/regular performer at the late Climate, Garage and Dark Room theaters. Edna intends to publicly perform all of the characters in her brain under her comedic company, Potatoes Mashed Comedy.


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