Katerina Wong

36 Questions

(2015, World Premiere)

Fri. June 5 9:00pm
Sat. June 6 4:30pm
Sun. June 7 8:00pm
Fleet Room
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Shared bill with ka.nei.see l collective and Detour Dance

Presented by Katerina Wong
(duration 75 minutes)

Dancers/Collaborators: Alex Carrington, Shareen DeRyan, Juliann Witt and Katerina Wong



36 Questions explores the concepts of intimacy, vulnerability, tolerance and human connection through the lens of scientific procedure. Inspired by psychologist Arthur Aron’s well-known study and its recent resurgence in pop culture, 36 Questions utilizes his sequence of increasingly penetrating prompts to unearth the foundation of human relationships through a shared experience of mutual vulnerability. In a time when connections are based on profile picture first impressions, and buzz words like “gentrification” perpetuate our view of a society composed of have and have-nots, what is the value in breaking down emotional barriers and assumptions based on socioeconomic status, race and sexuality, to reveal how any two unrelated humans can fundamentally know one another?


Katerina Wong is a dancer and choreographer who has performed and presented work in New Jersey, New York, Beijing and San Francisco. Katie graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a B.A in Anthropology, East Asian Studies and Dance. While in San Francisco, she has had the pleasure of dancing with RAWdance, LEVYdance, Printz Dance Project, PUSH Dance Company, Concept o4, and Dexandro Montalvo among others. She choreographed two evening-length works with dance theatre company, Brickabrack, premiered a new piece at the West Wave Dance Festival 2014 and is the Resident Choreographer for PUSH Dance Company. She has presented work at ZSPACE, ODC Theater, Dance Mission Theater, Joe Goode Annex, Zaccho Studio, LEVYstudio, The Garage and Terra Gallery. Katie is also a freelance arts administrator/dance consultant and is the Digital Engagement Specialist at Alonzo King LINES Ballet.


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