Laura Larry Arrington

Laura Larry Arrington (USA)

We / AoA

Thursday May 26 8:00pm
Friday May 27 9:30pm
Saturday May 28 6:00pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Shared bill with

Tickets: General Admission
$20 in advance, $25 at door


Photo by Robbie Sweeny


the first vertebrates grew jaws / they closed their mouths / but still everything gets in / gills become lungs / bodies become identities / land becomes nation / but still everything gets in / and will find a way out / a chemical change / not a physical one / science says we can not touch anything / the jaw falls open / a sound falls out / a whale / with baleen / everything gets in

Laura Larry Arrington is a dance-artist working in hybrids of idea and practice. Her work in dance (time/space/body/whole) pivots around a desire to orient towards the capacities in us all that can glimpse unseen and unutterable horizons. Her body is her life and her life is her work.


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