Mary Armentrout

Dance Theater
(USA and U.K.)

reveries & elegies Volume TWO

(U.S. Premiere)

Thur. June 4 8:00pm
Sun. June 7 8:00pm
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Presented by Mary Armentrout Dance Theater (duration 90 minutes)

Reveries and elegies Volume TWO production credits:
Choreography and Performance: Mary Armentrout
Sound Design: Evelyn Ficarra
Video Design: Mary Armentrout and Ian Winters
Scenic Design: Mary Armentrout and Ian Winters
Light Design: Ian Winters


These performances of reveries and elegies Volume TWO were supported in part by a generous grant from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.


reveries and elegies Volume TWO opens the next chapter in MADT’s long term site specific dance theater installation about change, dislocation, and the ungraspableness of the present. reveries and elegies is an on-going series of works interrogating the nature of site specificity and the act of performance itself. Volume TWO explores the conflation of fleetingness and loss, intention and presence, repetition and performance, and history and autobiography, within the context of the human mark upon the environment. reveries and elegies Volume TWO will be created in collaboration with composer Evelyn Ficarra and videographer Ian Winters. 


The Mary Armentrout Dance Theater (MADT) exists to support the genre defying works of Mary Armentrout and her collaborators. Founded in 2000, the company is a fluid blend of dancers, actors, and sound and media artists. MADT installs work in both conventional and site-specific venues, and has been presented at numerous venues all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including ODC Theater, The LAB, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, as well as in less proscenium-oriented spaces including a bathroom, the beach, and a car. MADT has also been presented across the US and the UK, Europe, and China.


Mary Armentrout

Mary Armentrout is a San Francisco Bay Area based experimental choreographer, performance artist, and videographer, and the director of the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater (MADT). She calls her genre-mixing works performance installations, and two of her recent site-specific works have been nominated for Isadora Duncan Dance Awards. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College and is a Feldenkrais Practitioner. She also is the organizer of the Dance Discourse Project, an on-going series of artist-curated discussions of the Bay Area dance scene, a co-curater of The Milk Bar in Oakland, and teaches on-going technique and composition classes in the East Bay.

Evelyn Ficarra

Evelyn Ficarra is a composer and sound artist. Her music has been heard in concert halls, theaters, music festivals, film festivals, on television and in radio broadcasts in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Far East. Throughout her career she has enjoyed collaborative work with choreographers, directors, filmmakers, and visual artists. She studied at the University of Sussex and UC Berkeley, and is currently a Lecturer in Music Theatre at the University of Sussex, where she is Assistant Director of the Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre.

Ian Winters

Ian Winters is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer, video artist, and performer working at the intersection of architectural form, frozen image, and time-based media in solo work and collaborations with composers, directors, and choreographers, to create open-ended environments through performance, photographic/video/film media, and sonic environments. Winters trained in photography, film and performance at SMFA-Boston and Tufts University. His work has been seen throughout the US and the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. He also co-curates the Milkbar in Oakland.

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