Weidong Yang with
Daiane Lopes da Silva and

Mirror #1, Time Bubble

Wed. May 27 7:00pm
Sat. May 30 12:00pm

Fleet Room
Tickets: Free

Weidong Yang
Daiane Lopes da Silva
Kinetech Arts


What if a wave of hand opens up a bubble that let you peer into the past, revealing action of people before you? Time Bubble is a live video installation that tinkers with the layering of past and present. Real time motion creates bubbles of hidden information: bringing back the past activity for you to survey. Paradoxically, the act of surveying subjects the surveyor to be examined by others.


Weidong Yang

Weidong Yang has indulged in the fields of science (Ph.D in Physics and MCS Computer Science, 11 US patents, 20+ peer reviewed publications), dance, photography, and Taiji. Having grown up in China and received high education in US, he has experienced two drastically different cultures. Kinetech demands him to tap into all these past experiences. Weidong envisions Kinetech Arts to be a place for synergy of art and technology, as well as for people with vast different background and training, working together creatively, making beauty that is beyond what’s possible by a single person.

Daiane Lopes da Silva

Daiane Lopes da Silva is a dancer, choreographer and the artistic director of Kinetech Arts. Her work has been performed in Brazil, France, Belgium and the U.S.A. In Portugal, she worked with Lisbon Dance Company, Almada Dance Company, and DancArte. In the Bay Area, Daiane performed with Labayen Dance, KUNST-STOFF Dance Company, Copious Dance Theatre, Mudita Arts for Peace and Robert Moses’ Kin. Her residencies include RAW at The Garage, RAD at KUNST-STOFF arts, and Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. Daiane studied with full scholarship at The Municipal Ballet of Sao Paulo and at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in Brussels. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, Alpha Beta Kappa, from SFSU.

Kinetech Arts

Kinetech Arts is a collective of artists and scientists striving to challenge possibility through collaborative creativity, founded and directed by Weidong Yang and Daiane Lopes da Silva in January 2013 in San Francisco. Aside from creating live performances and installations, Kinetech Arts holds a weekly lab at KUNST-STOFF arts open to all interested participants to explore and develop connections among technology, dance, visual art, and sound. Kinetech Arts has performed at ODC theatre, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, The Garage, KUNST-STOFF arts, L.A.S.T festival, Geekdom, Mosconi Center, Marine Headlands Center for the Arts, among others. Together with Codame art+tech, Kinetech Arts held the first Hack + Dance Marathon in San Francisco.


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