Nassim Soleimanpour (Iran)

White Rabbit,
Red Rabbit

Thursday May 19-Sunday June 5
Duration: 60 minutes, no intermission

Note: the shows on May 20, 28 and June 5 will be Relaxed Performances.

Tickets: General Admission
$15 advance, $20 door

To purchase tickets click on the name of the artist you want to see.

Ava Roy » May 19 8:00pm
Rotimi Agbabiaka » May 20 8:00pm
Shinichi Iova-Koga » May 21 8:00pm
Nato Green » May 22 2:00pm
Brian Livingstone » May 22 7:00pm
Eric Reid » May 28 6:00pm
Russell Blackwood » May 29 7:00pm
Nancy Wang » June 2 8:00pm
Rob Melrose » June 3 7:00pm
Eliana Lopez » June 4 2:00pm
Tony Kelly » June 5 3:00pm

Nassim Souleimanpour

Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour declined to serve in his country’s armed forces, in return the Iranian government denied Mr. Soleimanpour’s request for a passport. Unable to leave Iran, he has instead sent a script to SFIAF to have other people read it for him. Soleimanpour’s arresting and allegorical work, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, dissects the experience of a whole generation in a wild, utterly original play. Soleimanpour turns his isolation to his own advantage with the play (written in English) which requires no director, no set, and a different actor for every performance. Per Mr. Soleimanpour’s instruction, the script of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit will be opened in front of the audience and performed unrehearsed by a different actor each night.

Performances of White Rabbit

Thursday May 19 8:00pm: Ava Roy, a benefit for We Players

Friday May 20 8:00pm: Rotimi Agbabiaka, a benefit for San Francisco Mime Troupe

Saturday May 21 8:00pm: Shinichi Iova-Koga, a benefit for inkBoat

Sunday May 22 2:00pm: Nato Green, a benefit for Urban IDEA

Sunday May 22 7:00pm: Brian Livingstone, a benefit for foolsFURY

Saturday May 28 6:00pm: Eric Reid, a benefit for Theater MadCap

Sunday May 29 7:00pm: Russell Blackwood, a benefit for Thrillpeddlers

Thursday June 2 8:00pm: Nancy Wang, a benefit for Eth Noh Tec, SOMA Pilipinas, Filipino Cultural Heritage District and Asian Pacific Island Cultural Center

Friday June 3 7:00pm: Rob Melrose, a benefit for California Lawyers for the Arts

Saturday June 4 2:00pm: Eliana Lopez, a benefit for PODER. Note: En Espagñol, this performance will be in Spanish)

Sunday June 5 3:00pm: Tony Kelly, a benefit for the San Francisco Arts Democratic Club


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