Olga Kosterina
(Russia, US Debut)

Dilemma Part One

(U.S. Premiere)

Fri. May 29 7:00pm
Sat. May 30 9:00pm
Sun. May 31 2:30pm
Fleet Room
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Shared Program with Alyce Finwall Dance Theater

Presented by SFIAF (duration 60 minutes)

Director and Performer: Olga Kosterina
Light design: Nikita Belyakov
Costumes: Olga Kosterina
Music: Kimmo Pohjonen, Max Richter, Rene Aubry


Olga Kosterina combines physical theatre with contemporary dance, acrobatics, pantomime and circus. Dilemma Part One is a philosophical recital expressing in movement the mental states through which we pass. Loneliness, despair; the person lost in the maze of his own fears. The eternal struggle between what we call good and evil, black and white and the conscious choice of direction in which each of us decides to go.

It provokes an electrical charge of suffering that is no more than the result of the blindness of Humans. The conflict of irreconcilable principles reaches its culmination, generates the sensation of an infernal pain, of a complete inevitability of the End. And suddenly tender shoots begin to spring up out of Earth, from a small grain… It turns into a merry and slender flower, swaying in the breeze… So what does it mean that the flower is going to fade? It scatters seeds of new life every which way.

'Extraordinary dance solo through turmoil and grace. One of the most beautiful solos you'll see all year.' (the LIST, UK)

'Olga Kosterina - the new single major name in contemporary dance... the power of the work cutting like a laser' (HuffPost UK)


Olga Kosterina (Dancer, actress, choreographer)

Studied at classical ballet, modern dance, pantomime and acting studios. Winner of International Dance competitions in IDO system. Prize winner of World Dance Olympiad. Artist in dance, theatre, circus and show projects. Creator of modern pantomime studio in Moscow. Choreographer and teacher of dance, plastic, movement, improvisation. Author and performer of own solo physical theatre productions, performed in UK, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Kosovo, China. Laureate and Special guest of International Theatre and Arts Festivals, Winner the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY at "Rome Theatre Festival". Best Actress of “Mono Dielli” Theatre Festival (Kosovo). List of the BEST DANCE AND MOVEMENT Events and HOT SHOW at "Edinburgh Festival Fringe". Creator of own multi-movement method and workshop system “Speaking body”

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