San Francisco International Arts Festival,
Laney College Theater and Paul S. Flores present

A Play by Paul S. Flores developed with & directed by Michael John Garcés



Laney College Theater,

900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA 94607

tickets & dates

Wed March 26, 2014 at 8:00pm (sold out)

$12 - $15 General Admission

Thur-Sat March 27 - 29, 2014 at 8:00pm

$20 - $40 Assigned Seatingt

PLACAS stars Ric Salinas as Salvadoran immigrant Fausto Carbajal, a now middle-aged ex-gang member recently released after nine years in prison. As a requirement of his parole Fausto must remove the tattoos that mark him as a member of his gang. Wearied by what has been a lifetime of violence, he accepts the terms. He is determined to reunite his family, traumatized by three decades of war, forced migrations and street crime. He returns to San Francisco to live with his mother, a war refugee, and hopes to re-unite with his ex-partner, Claudia and their now teenaged son, Edgar. Fausto visits Claudia and Edgar. But Edgar, who has not seen his father for most of his life, resents Fausto and displays disturbing character traits that remind Fausto of himself in his youth.

It is clear that the reunion will be difficult. Fausto realizes that his son is in danger of being initiated into a rival gang when Edgar is arrested for carrying a gun to school and placed on probationary house arrest. Fausto attempts to persuade Edgar against joining the gang and offers to move the family out of the neighborhood, but Edgar runs away. Fausto must find Edgar before the police do. His process of transformation is both physically and emotionally painful, but can he save himself, and is it enough and in time to save his son?

These performances of PLACAS are supported in part by generous funds from:
California Arts CouncilZellerbachThe Unity Council

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