project agora

Threshold, Suspended…

(World Premiere)

Fri. June 5 7:00pm
Sat. June 6 9:30pm
Sun. June 7 3:00pm
Fleet Room
Tickets: $20-$25 General Admission

Presented by project agora (duration 60 minutes)


These performances of Threshold, Suspended… were supported in part by generous grants from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the University of Southern Florida.


Threshold, Suspended… is a dance that physicalizes liminal states. “Liminality” implies floating, transition, and the “in-between.” project agora explores the embodiment of “becoming” by enlivening the relationship between written and danced language, and the gap between a statement and its translation into meaning. A collection of original ballads, scored by Katy Stephan and Karl Digerness, accompany the performers as they navigate through structured improvisations and set choreographies. Projections, coded by scientist David Fries, conjure the sensation of suspended time and lend the performers a map by which cuing systems are built in real time.

project agora promotes creative dialogue among artists through interdisciplinary collaborations, workshops, and public events. Co-founded in May 2006 by dancers/choreographers Bliss Kohlmyer and Kara Davis, the organization draws its mission from its Greek name – agora – a public forum, a place designated specifically for open debate and the exchange of ideas. Reimagining new models of creating and presenting work outside traditional studio and proscenium environments is central to the organization’s advocacy. project agora celebrates differences as vital to its inspiration. By gathering different perspectives around central themes, project agora fosters the expansion of possibilities for research and creative expression.

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