T42 Dance Projects

Repertory Concert

Friday June 3 9:30pm
Saturday June 4 3:00pm
Sunday June 5 7:00pm
Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets: General Admission
$20 in advance, $25 at door


This performance was funded in part by Pro-Helvetia, the Swiss Consulate San Francisco and the National Endowment for the Arts

Black Swan
Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas C Gas
Cathy Sharp
Cathy Sharp, Felix Dumeril
Peter Schnetz

Another Chopsticks Story
Choreography and performance:
Misato Inoue and Félix Duméril
Hiroe Yonekawa, Giacomo Puccini,Rhyuichi Sakamoto, Rafael Gschwend
Costume design:
Catherine Voeffray, Misato Inoue
Kevin Richmond, Elayne Phillips

Tea For Two
Misato Inoue,Felix Dumeril
Misato Inoue,Felix Dumeril
Hiroe Yonekawa,Michel Nyman
Dance coach:
Kevin Richmond
Christian Glaus


Versatile, dynamic, humorous, original, unconventional and award winning. Switzerland's bi-racial choreographing duo Misato Inoue and Félix Duméril make their San Francisco debut with a metaphorical example of the so-called clash of cultures. Another Chopsticks Story was created with an approach that applies a humorous nod to the story of Madame Butterfly and is virtuosically delivered with a large portion of self-irony.

Tea for Two is an exuberantly energetic duet that juxtaposes Swiss and Japanese cultures. An encounter between a Swiss man and a Japanese woman sees their language difficulties humorously overcome through warm-hearted movement.

In Black Swan Misato Inoue unfolds in a playful, but also aesthetic way like an choreographed origami creating a wide field of possibilities. A small but smart choreography as an homage to beauty and creativity.

T42 Dance Projects was founded in 2006 by choreographers Misato Inoue and Félix Duméril. The company combines contemporary dance with physical theatre, creating work which is versatile, dynamic, humorous, original and unconventional. The company has produced 12 original dance pieces that have been performed in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Holland, Japan, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Canada, Thailand, Cuba and Serbia. T42 Dance Projects regularly collaborates with internationally renowned artists from various disciplines.

Winner of the International Choreographic Competition of Belgrade
(Duet, Solo), Serbia
Winner of OFF STAGE – Grant of the Canton Bern (2011 and 2015)
Winner of Kajaani International dance competition Finland.



Félix Duméril

Educated in Switzerland (Swiss Professional Dance Academy), Germany (John Cranko Academy) & the Netherlands (Royal Conservatory of Den Haag). Felix has collaborated with various companies including: Pretty Ugly (Amanda Miller), De Rotterdamse Dansgroep, TRANSFORM Company (Daniela Kurz), POOL (Ivan Wolf), Bern Ballet (Martin Schläpfer) and Heshiki Dance. He was director of the Bern Ballet 1999-2004. Since 2005 he has worked internationally as guest choreographer for companies in Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Chile,Germany and Austria (and also as a guest dancer and actor in various productions and films).

Misato Inoue, Japan

Trained in Japan and then In London at the LABAN Centre. She has a BA (HONS) in Dance Theatre. Misato has worked extensively as a freelance dancer and choreographer for projects in Switzerland and other countries. In 2005 she assisted Félix Duméril on choreographing a piece for the Jacobson dance company in St Petersburg, Russia. She co-founded T 4 2 DANCE PROJECTS in 2006Misato joined the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble (as a dancer) in 2008 and tours with the company in Switzerland, as well as Félix Duméril Educated in Switzerland (Swiss Professional Dance Academy), Germany (John Cranko Academy) & the Netherlands (Royal Conservatory of Den Haag).


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