artpaul cartier


Linking Arms (World Premiere)

Date and Time: Friday-Saturday
May 25-26, June 1-2, 8:30pm
Duration: 15 minutes (looped tape)
Location: Lower Fort Mason Parking Lot

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FREE: $0

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Linking Arms

Linking Arms is a silent montage of occurrences and happenings during and around the Civil Rights struggle of 1968, including local incidents such as the San Francisco State University student strike for Black (and Brown) Studies curricula. It will also include a selected chronology of Pro-Democracy and Civil Rights landmark events from 1968 up to the present, including the Women's March in San Francisco in January 2018.

artpaul cartier
The photographer/videographer artpaul cartier has been a frequent contributor to the San Francisco International Art Festival in recent years. His videos have been designed for each year’s theme, and so are each unique in their approach to the subject.

In 2015, the project Profiling (as part of Bearing Witness: Surveillance in the Drone Age) introduced the idea of interactivity with the spectator, where each declared a “crime” and had their mugshots taken to create their profile. These were then converted into “Suspected” posters that the participants could later access.

In 2016, cartier created a video series titled in the air for the Dada centennial. Each was a video version of the famous Exquisite Corpse concept, including crowd-sourced submissions from friends and the internet, accessed on a randomly-selected day.

With Linking Arms, he has created a montage designed to arrest the passerby with images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and local struggles of the Bay Area in 1968 to the present. Shout outs include the Black Panthers, Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers the San Francisco State University student strike for Black Studies, struggles for equity in housing and pay, and on to the recent Women’s Marches, and March for Our Lives.


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