Hafez Modirzadeh with Prasant Radhakrishnan


Date and Time: Sunday, May 27, 4:30pm
Duration: 60 min, without intermission
Location: Firehouse

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Early Bird: $15
General Admission: $25

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Artist Info

Work Sample

Hafez Mordirzirdeh.jpg

Hafez and Prasant have known of each other’s work for some time - their respective jazz explorations of Persian and Carnatic musical traditions have already garnered serious critical acclaim - yet here, for the first time, both are collaborating together on a highly personalized saxophone duo called Sounding Mouna. In essence, mouna represents that “inner silence” which cultivates sonic realizations of peace, as well as purpose. Drawing upon raga and dastgah concepts, and guided by a deep empathy for each other’s music, Modirzadeh and Radhakrishnan will premiere their new set of such works for the SFIAF 2018 season.

Artist Biographies
Hafez Modirzadeh
focuses on highly original, creative, and cross-cultural musical concepts.  As a theorist/composer and saxophonist, his recorded works are released on Pi Records, while his published research continues to unfold a philosophy of sound and metaphor that includes “Aural Archetypes” (Black Music Research Journal), “Compost Music” (Leonardo), “Convergence Liberation” (Critical Studies in Improvisation), and “Chromodality” (Wesleyan University).  Both an NEA Jazz Fellow and Senior Fulbright Scholar (Spain, Turkey), Modirzadeh is currently a Professor of Music at San Francisco State University.

Prasant Radhakrishnan is a versatile saxophonist steeped in both South Indian Classical (Carnatic) and jazz disciplines. The unique vocal texture of his sound on saxophone, noted for its expressive complexity and rhythmic ingenuity, reflects Prasant’s continued study of tradition, constant innovation, and vast concert experience over the past fifteen years. Prasant’s exceptional approach to his music and instrument has been witnessed in a diverse range of venues and locations around the world: from concert halls in India and jazz venues in Japan, to concerts, cultural festivals, and lecture demonstrations all over North America.


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