Tayeb Al-Hafez


Wit-ness Multi-media Exhibit, 2018

Date and Time: Thursday, May 31
Exhibition 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Discussion with director: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Duration: 60 min, without intermission

Location: Firehouse

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $75.00

Artist Info

Website: http://www.almyracommunications.com

Work Sample

Tayeb Al-Hafez.jpg

Wit-ness, a performance art film by Tayeb Al-Hafez, premiered at the Fort Mason Center during the San Francisco International Art Festival in May 2015. The film is the introduction to a suite of multimedia presentations that will be the subject of discussion on May 31. Wit-ness is a project that features film, photolithographs, burned paper works, and other multi-media exhibits. A narrative that addresses the concept of surveillance ties the exhibit together.

How does it feel, and how does it affect one’s life, when even the most banal actions are subject to surveillance? There is no better way to convey the impact of the act of watching and being watched than through art. The dramatic presentation of vulnerability affects the audience with an immediacy that makes the experience personal. —Hanna Regev, Curator

The director, Tayeb Al-Hafez, will host a discussion; on May 31 from 7-8 pm. Original artworks that are for sale will be highlighted, and will be displayed at Fort Mason only on that day. On an ongoing basis, artworks for sale are displayed at InSpace Curatorial in San Francisco, where they may be viewed by appointment, contact@almyracommunciations.com


Filmmaker Tayeb Al-Hafez is driven by the conviction that all of humanity is connected and that knowledge must be distributed equitably. Al-Hafez favors film as a medium because it is an integrative and powerful medium.

As Human beings, we create the social fabric around us. During this volatile era, the advancement and misuse of media and technologies must be balanced by democratizing performance and other fine arts. By integrating a variety of media in his films, AL-Hafez brings to viewers an immediate awareness, a feeling of being immersed in the present. This awareness is the basis for building empathy and compassion.

Al-Hafez’s films range from documentaries, to performance art films and fiction. 

Having Medicine as my grounding practice, I am able to quickly discern the most critical challenge or ailment, and to then develop a corrective plan. I like writing screenplays that are uplifting, visually stunning, and most importantly, educational. 

As a founder and executive producer of Al’Myra Communications, I am responsible for building the organization’s portfolio. I focus on issues related to displacement, to the environment, and to trafficking.  I gravitate toward works that are based in diverse communities.  —Dr. Tayeb Al-Hafez

During his travel to research problems associated with displacement, Al-Hafez learned about trafficking. This knowledge prompted him to develop a series of films about various types of trafficking.

The first film in the Replikaaa series is a fifteen-minute silent film about trafficking. Replikaaa was honored with an Award of Merit in the experimental category from the Best Shorts Competition in 2011. The film was screened at the Silicon Valley Film Festival and awarded Best Vision of the Future.


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