Interrogation Room


Date and Time: Friday, May 25, 7:00pm; Sunday, May 27, 2:00pm
Duration: 60 mins, without intermission
Location: Firehouse

Ticket Information

General Admission: $15

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Interrogation Room

The Interrogation Room is an immersive performance piece, grounded in whimsy and absurdity, that comments on and parodies the power dynamics involved with gaining citizenship, entry or membership to a new space. Inside a processing center for the independent state of Samchriavid, audience members are invited to choose from two levels of participation: applicant or spectator. Applicants are randomly assessed, selected for interrogation, measured, and when the interaction concludes, issued on the spot judgements of their statuses. This project was created in collaboration with the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ fellowship program, Why Citizenship?


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