Melody of China with the Veve Vodou Drum & Dance Ensemble


Spirit Rhythms

Date and Time: Sunday June 3, 3:00PM
Duration: 75 mins, without intermission
Location: Gallery 308

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20
Reserved Table Seating: $25-$30

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $75.00

Production credits

Yangqin Zhao - Director
Eric Myers - Project coordinator

Artist Info

Work Sample


Veve Drum Group.jpg

Melody of China with Zeke Nealy and the Veve Vodou drum and dance ensemble present Spirit Rhythms at Fort Mason Center. Spirit Rhythms combines Hatian drumming and dancing with traditional Chinese music. Yangqin Zhao and Zeke Nealy are featured artists. The program includes a striking blend of new and traditional works.

The program will include several traditional Chinese songs by Melody of China featuring Yangqin Zhao on yangqin (hammered dulcimer); Gangqin Zhao on guzheng (zither); Shenshen Zhang on pipa (lute); Wanpeng Guo on sheng (mouth organ); and Xian Lu on dizi (bamboo flute). They will be joined by members of the Veve Vodou drum and dance ensemble. The concert will also feature original works by Zeke Nealy featuring his stirring drummers and dancers.

Ensembles' history

Melody of China

Melody of China (MOC), a nonprofit ensemble based in San Francisco, is the premiere Chinese music ensemble in the United States. Formed in 1993, and led by Yangqin Zhao, the group performs traditional repertoire as well as newly commissioned works featuring yangqin (hammered dulcimer), guzeng (zither), pipa (lute), sheng (mouth organ) and dizi (bamboo flute). Melody of China frequently collaborates with composers and artists from various disciplines. MOC has premiered works by Gene Coleman, Gang Situ, Kui Dong, Carl Stone and has performed with San Francisco Symphony, Berlin Philharmonic and at numerous music events and festivals including the Chicago Jazz Festival.

Veve Vodou Ensemble

The Veve Vodou Music Ensemble arrived in 2014 and was founded to study, practice, teach, and perform Afro Carribean culture focusing on the religious and secular music of Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Veve Vodou is a very diverse and dedicated group of musical spiritualists/healers who use authentic “roots" instruments are intent on using music as a worldwide language of communication to affect positive social change and to create a more healthier environment for human society and for the earth. The ensemble is currently preparing for their fourth tour of Japan in July 2018.


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