Sha Sha Higby


Paper Wings III

Date and Time: Friday, May 25, 9:30pm; Saturday, May 26, 9:00pm; Sunday, May 27, 8:00pm
Duration: 45-50 min (including time for viewing costumes), no intermission
Location: Firehouse 

Ticket Information

General Admission: $25

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $75.00

Artist Info


Work Sample

Sha Sha Higby

The show explores a much needed whimsical journey of life, death, and rebirth through ephemeral images that evoke the passage of time and day, the shifting of the seasons. Using the manipulation of hand crafted materials, textures and exotic sculptural costume interwoven with puppetry, dance and intricate props, her work creates a journey in which movement and stillness meet binding us together as in a web.

Shreds of memory lace into a drama of a thousand intricate pieces, slowly moving toward a sense of patience and timelessness.

The story is up to the interpretation of each audience member.

Artist's Bio

Sha Sha studied for 2 years in Japan, 5 years in Indonesia under a Fulbright Scholarship, and 6 months in India. Affected strongly by studies and travels abroad to Indonesia and Viet Nam, she has received numerous awards and grants and has been performing internationally and nationally mainly as a solo artist.

Performing throughout the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia: Singapore Festival of the Arts, the Hong Kong Fringe Festival, the Bali Arts Festival, the Sydney Festival of Arts. She received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts in Theater,the Japan-US Friendship commission, Theater Bay Area Cash and the Zellerbach Family Fund.


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