Vishwa Shanthi Performing Arts


Samudra Manthan

Date and Time: Saturday, May 26, 3:00pm
Duration: 90 mins, no intermission
Location: Cowell Theater

Ticket Information

Early Bird: $15
General Admission: $25

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $75.00

Company Info

Work Sample

Vishna Shanti.jpg

VSPA's grand operatic production uses the medium of Bharatanatyam, incorporating traditional elements, made more appealing for all ages and cultures and, providing clear English explanations to explore the inner spiritual meaning of this story from ancient texts where the Demigods and Demons, arch-rivals, are in competition for supremacy over the three worlds. Much like the present day, the two sides also realize that they sometimes have to collaborate with the enemy and come together to prevent total annihilation. Come see for yourself the cornucopia of characters, the grace, strength, humor, obstacles, deceit, conflicts, and flirtatious romances of this mythical tale.

Artistic Director Bio

Shreelata Suresh is a dancer, teacher and choreographer of international acclaim. As a cultural ambassador for India, Shreelata has shared the rich Indian heritage with audiences in over 25 countries through stage and TV performances. Her love of the art and her deep understanding of it are reflected in her high-quality presentations. Her choreography is celebratory and contemplative at the same time combining the techniques of Bharatanatyam, yoga and meditation into a unified, powerful celebration of the human spirit. Shreelata's students have won praise for their solo and group performances in major festivals, local and international competitions.

Company History

Vishwa Shanthi means ‘Universal Peace’. Since 1991, founder Shreelata Suresh and her team are committed to educating students in the sacred dance of Bharatanatyam.

Through practice and the sharing of this art, we believe that the student and her/his audiences will find inner joy and a higher expression of their true self thus creating an atmosphere of cross-cultural understanding, peace and harmony in the world.

Each of Vishwa Shanthi's productions is recognized for high quality and emphasis on the sacred and subliminal aspects of traditional arts, promoting thematic productions, reaching out to audiences beyond, fostering artist exchanges and community performances.


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