Yvette Dibos


Miss Appropriation tries to _(Fill in the blank)_ (2017)

Date and Time: Friday, May 25, 7:00pm; Sunday, May 27, 4:00pm
Duration: 60 min, without intermission
Location: Southside Theater

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General Admission: $15

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Miss Appropriation tries to _(Fill in the blank)_ is a journey where we follow one wannabe drag queen through her attempts to escape the mediocrity of her white suburban upbringing and become, not just famous, but influential. It explores issues of power systems, feminism, whiteness, millennial pink, and cultural misappropriation. This satire of white female-hood magnifies American’s tendencies to exploit once-underground, now-commodified forms of entertainment and alternative lifestyles such as drag, hip hop, feminism, spirituality, AND MORE! In a frenzied performance she pitches self-help products, attempts to justify gentrification through song and dance, gives chakra-cleansing tutorials, and displays diaristic tableaus of the crumbling psyche lurking just beneath the glossy surface of this pseudo-sales-girl, faux queen, flop. Presented by Embark Gallery.

Artist Biographies
Yvette Dibos holds an MFA from California College of the Arts. She lives and works in San Francisco Her practice incorporates thought-provoking humor to magnify the absurdities and stereotypes of being white, young, and female. She is a self-taught set builder, performance artist, teacher, children's entertainer, video-maker, and cat portrait painter. Partnered with Cait Petersen, they have performed alternative venues throughout the state while questioning the politics and appropriateness of the white cube through self-dubbed “performedy”- an investigation of the bridge between fine art and comedy.

Zoe Young is a fiction writer and playwright living in San Francisco. She completed her writing MFA at California College of the Arts in May of 2017. Her work centers around the subset of people for whom making art is a basic human need. Formerly a Jazz journalist and Word of the Day curator for Dictionary.com, Zoe now writes plays for production at Berkeley Rep through PlaygroundSF.

Cait Petersen holds an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in Painting from San Diego State University. They are a multidisciplinary artist whose practice investigates opposites and in-betweens, while questioning the politics and appropriateness of the white cube. Petersen highlights our anthropogenic state of being through self-dubbed “performedy”, asking participants to look up from their phones and engage with their environment, demanding a reconsideration of our relationship therein.

Company History
Embark Arts is a non-profit organization that offers exhibition opportunities to current and recently graduated Masters in Fine Arts candidates in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide a space for an engaged community of artists, curators and scholars, and aim to expand the audience for emerging contemporary art. All exhibitions are held at their space, Embark Gallery, at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in San Francisco. Embark Arts has produced shows for the San Francisco International Arts Festival for the last two years and is proud to continue to bring emerging performance artists to the festival.


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