Autumn Program. Oct. 18-24, 2021

Embody Dance Project



Date(s) & Time(s): Sat, Oct 23, 4:00 PM
Duration: 50 mins w/out intermission
Location: Parade Ground
This performance is part of a shared bill with: Alyce Finwall Dance Theater

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Early Bird: $16
Advance Price: $20

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Artist Sample Video


Performing excerpts of new works from their upcoming show, as well as past works with the company. Director and Choreographer Vinnie Jones' piece Amygdala focuses on the flight, fight or freeze responses that our brains use for survival. Co-director Naomi Sailors will premier a piece reflecting customs from the past and their subtle evolution. Patience Gordon premiers a piece reflecting fears, frustrations, and confusion featuring constantly moving dancers and fluid choreography. Also featured is restaged work by Sasha Gologorskaya representing the qualities of water, and shorter works by Fabiana Santiago and the other choreographers.

Embody Dance Project

em(body) dance project is a small contemporary dance group based out of the South Bay. They were founded in 2019 and since then have performed around the bay area from Mill Valley to Mountain View. Their works focus on telling human stories and elevating voices that are not often heard from in concert dance. They especially prioritize the voices of women and queer people. Their works are emotionally driven and relate to their audiences on a human level. The dancers are highly skilled professionals from around the bay area who perform with passion and intention. They have created to date three full evening performances, 2 full length digital shows and 7 separate live performances. These venues have included the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, SafeHouse Arts as an artist in resident, Zohar Dance Company, as well as Little Boxes Theater. They also collaborate with JonesPro Photo and Film in creating high quality, professionally filmed and edited dance films for their digital performances. They have one such performance coming up later on this fall. See their website or Patreon for more information.

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