Autumn Program. Oct. 18-24, 2021

Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company


Emerging in a Space of Resilience

Date(s) & Time(s): Sat, Oct 23, 2:00 PM
Duration: 60 mins w/out intermission
Location: Parade Ground

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Early Bird: $20
Advance Price: $25

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Engagement funded in part by:

National Endowment for the Arts and the Sam Mazza Foundation. Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company also relies on fundraising efforts, public donations, and private contributions.

Artist Sample Video

Emerging in a Space of Resilience

This one hour show will take you on a journey using hip-hop, street dance, and underground styles of dance, telling stories that we as humans can relate to and resonate with. Through powerful, fun, fierce movement and prose, witness the inner layers of a movement artists' view of their experience in the world during this time. The riveting pieces audiences will see are filled with vulnerability, sisterhood, and community. This is a show that will move you on a multitude of levels. Exploring the layers of uncertainty, endurance, resilience, joy, and art that reflects the times, this show will leave audiences intrigued, captivated, inspired, and hopeful.

Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company

Mix'd Ingrdnts is a multi-ethnic, multi-genre dance collective composed of female-identified artists, who work together with the intent to contribute to the impact of social change. Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company was established in 2010 and exists to empower women to express themselves. The company also aims to empower youth and the community through dance knowledge, conversation, movement, and workshops. The company and its members strive to inspire those around them and through skillful artistry, uses their platform to pave pathways for people to authentically express themselves, evoke feelings, and prompt reflective spaces and conversation. Mix'd Ingrdnts has laid ground work in the Bay Area and some highlights include opening and closing Amy Poehler's set at Clusterfest 2019, were a featured segment on the Harry Connick Jr. Show, on the bill with Hieroglyphics and Goapele at Stern Grove, and won the Bay Area's Best Dancer Award in 2017. A Mix'd Ingrdnts show stimulates audience's eyes, mind, heart, and body, and takes viewers on a journey of storytelling through powerful movement.

Production Credits

Members of Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company
This one hour show is co-produced by the co-artistic directors of Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company. The content of the show is a collaborative compilation by the co-directors (Jenay Anolin & Samara Atkins) and members of Mix'd Ingrdnts ( Gail Burks, Ashley Gayle, Mika Lemoine, Gladys Liu, Marjorie Ortiz, Desiree Dela Pena, & Nicole Renojo)

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