Northern California
Post Graduate Performance Program

Date and Time: Tuesday December 4, 6:00pm
Location: Embark Gallery, Suite 330
                Third Floor, Building B
                Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Find out about presenting your work at the San Francisco International Arts Festival in May 2020 as part of the SFIAF organization's ongoing program to feature performing artists who are recent graduates from the arts programs of Northern California's Institutions of Higher Learning.

The 2020 Festival will run from May 7 - 17 at, and in collaboration with, the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. The central theme of the 2020 Festival is IN DIASPORA: I.D. for the New Majority and there are more details at this link.

For more information in regards to the meeting call 415-399-9554.


Date and Time: Tuesday December 4, 6:00pm
Location: Embark Gallery, Suite 330
                Third Floor, Building B
                Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

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Context & Background
Northern California is situated within the confluence of a number of pervasive determining factors that have had an impact on the nature of the performing arts that are practiced here. One of them is the spirit of artistic innovation and experimentation that has flourished in the last half a century; a second is a rich history of civil rights and social justice action; a third is the fact that the region is one of the international driving forces in the computer and internet technology industries.

Among the most vital places that these different (and sometimes opposing) value and technology systems are being fused, dissected, remade and re-calibrated is in the arts departments of the Bay Area’s university campuses and other institutions of higher learning. As such they are sometimes turning out graduates creating forms of expression hitherto unseen.

As we begin to focus on the third decade of the 21st Century and these graduates have embarked on their own careers as artists some of them will take these forms to new places; re-imagining what the performing arts are and what their relationship to audiences can be. SFIAF is interested in presenting examples of this development—and other post-graduate (alumni) artists whose work shows exceptional promise—on an ongoing basis beginning with the Festival in May 2020.

The goal of the program is to offer low-risk opportunities for younger people who are at a stage of their careers where they have decided to become generative performing artists. Specifically those who are in the process of creating an external or formal structure to sustain and manage their careers (i.e. an ensemble, band, 501(c)(3), sole proprietorship or another form of support mechanism) that will enable them to build a place for themselves in the performing arts business.

The December 4 presentation is for alumni from Northern California graduate degree arts programs that outlines how they can participate in the Festival through their Alma Mater. Learn more about:

- The rationale and reasoning behind the program

- When the most opportune time for individual artists to consider participation might be.

- The curatorial priorities and the types of artist and work the Festival is interested in.

- The opportunity cost of participation.

- The application process and how to be nominated by your school

Associated Institutions:
California State University East Bay
California institute of Integral Studies
Embark Arts
Mills College
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco State University
Sonoma State University
Stanford University
University of California Santa Cruz
University of San Francisco


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