Ambiguous Dance Master Class

Harmony between a Body and Sounds

Date and Time: Wednesday May 30 4:30PM
Duration: 90 mins
Lines Dance Center,
26 Seventh Street, Fifth Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20
($15 for members of Lines Dance Center)

Ambiguous Dance Company

Conducted by Bo-ram Kim and Kyeong Min Jang

Bo-ram Kim, the artistic director of Ambiguous Dance Company, seeks to return to the core of music and dance, pursuing sound before music and body movements before dance, so that he can create distinct musical interpretations and visualization. The workshop will make movements that express music and sound.

Bo-ram Kim
Born in Korea, Kim Bo-ram entered into the field of contemporary dance unconventionally. Working as a back-up dancer for 10 years, he began to wonder about how dance speaks to the audience, and with passion and ambition, he began to develop his own choreography. Since founding Ambiguous Dance Company, Kim has created three works a year on average. Creating dance works flushes out uncertainties ingrained within him. In the process of creating, stories and answers to these uncertainties are existentially and inherently revealed. Kim first begins this process by choosing music with which to work. Interpreting the music, movements begin to take form in his mind, intertwining with melodies and rhythms, like a shuttle weaving across a loom. In Kim’s work, he seeks to return to the core of music and dance: pursuing sound before music itself and body movement before dance, through which one can find distinct musical interpretation. Kim hopes to convey intimate communication, harmonizing music and dance.



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