Amy Lewis / Push Up Something Hidden


16 Electras

Date and Time: Saturday May 27, 2:00 PM | Saturday June 3, 2:00 PM
Duration: 20-25 minutes without intermission
Location: Black Battery Point (meet at the Chapel)

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General Admission: FREE

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If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $70.00


Choreography / Lyrics: Amy Lewis
Music: Agnes Szelag

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Amy Lewis presents 16 Electras, an embodiment of sixteen versions of the Electra myth. As the dancers move down the Black Point Battery trail, the myth of Electra is told through song lyrics. The lyrics, written by Lewis, are set to original music composed by Agnes Szelag. Though each version of the Electra myth referenced is slightly different, one characteristic remains the same: Electra’s conviction and determination. She holds her her own truth, refuses to change her mind, and finds whatever way she can to take action. In this time of uncertainty and fear, Electra’s resilience and drive are reminders of our individual strength and power.

Founded by Artistic Director Amy Lewis in 2007, Push Up Something Hidden uses performance to celebrate a flawed humanity. Lewis begins most projects by scrutinizing history, a practice which turns ordinary life events into extraordinarily fated occurrences that can be blamed on social structures that maintain limited choice. In the performances presented by P.U.S.H., the rethinking and retelling of individual biographies and historical events—public or private—has influence over the form and structure of the movement, creating a dichotomy between unemotional, pattern-driven choreography, and linear, dramatic stories. Lewis strives to instill sensitivity to another’s opinions and emotional needs by asking the viewer to look at the world through an alternate life.


Amy Lewis began presenting choreography in the Bay Area in 2005, after receiving a BA in theater from UCLA and an MFA in dance from Mills College. Lewis’ work has been supported by dance festivals, choreographic programs, residencies, and commissions, including Women’s Work, West Wave Dance Festival, Dumbo Dance Festival, SwapFest, ODC’s Pilot Program, Mills Dance Alumni Association, Meridian Gallery, The Garage, SAFEhouse Arts, Shawl-Anderson’s Youth Ensemble, and Paufve/dance’s 8x8x8. In 2007, Lewis founded Push Up Something Hidden, a company that thrives on collaboration and interaction with other Bay Area artists of all mediums.

Agnes Szelag experiments and designs in the convergent space between composition and improvisation, video and performance, the material and immaterial, producing electro-acoustic works, installations, and textural video pieces. As a composer, Agnes writes for her own performances and releases as well as collaborations such as myrmyr, Dokuro, Evon, Oakland Active Orchestra, and other ensembles. She performs using cello, voice, and electronics--often incorporating visual media into her solo performances. As an installation artist, Agnes prefers to work with specific, forgotten sites, but has also transformed gallery spaces, buildings, and objects.

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