SAFEhouse for the Arts


Summer Performance Festival Showcase

Date and Time: Sunday May 28, 7:00 PM
Duration: 70 mins, without intermission
Location: Cowell Theater

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $70.00

Artist Information


Work Samples

Marika Brussel

Bay Area Dance Collective

The Riley Project

Itoro Udofia

A SAFEhouse for the Arts’ performance showcase featuring contemporary and post modern dance works by Bay Area based choreographers including Khala Brannigan, Marika Brussel, Elke Calvert, Courtney King / Chloë Zimberg, Alyssa Mitchel, Leigh Riley, Itoro Udofia, Hannah Wasielewski, and Sienna Williams / Diana Kalaji.

Description of Work

Marika Brussel
From Shadows, a contemporary ballet, explores homelessness from the point of view of a young runaway girl.

Bay Area Dance Collective
An exploration of what it means to be heard in congruence to the people in our lives. Dedicated to my family and those lost in the Oakland fire.

Elke Calvert
An exploration of human connection in real space and time.

Chlo & Co Dance
Illuminati is shaped from airplanes, clouds and turning left. Chlo & Co Dance explores space: big and little, orbits, sound, weight and The Hitchhikers  Guide  to  the  Galaxy.

Alyssa Mitchel
Coalesce celebrates how collaboration and connection between people is possible despite our various backgrounds, origins, lifestyles and viewpoints.

The Riley Project
The Riley Project is creating a piece that explores challenges of battling mental health, the vigor and internal determination to subjectively countermand one’s own natural thinking processes. It is a piece that depicts deep vulnerability and frailty, contrasted with acts of tenacity, purpose, and hope.

Itoro Udofia
Itoro's work, is a literary and musical investigation into the lives of African immigrants, doing their best to re-make themselves in a new country. The piece hopes to shed a light on topics of health, domestic abuse, race, and class shape the lives of the characters, and how in spite of these challenges, people still have hope and imagination. The piece weaves a mix of spoken word, live music, and story.

Hannah Wasielewski
Blood (relative) reaches into the past and future to find itself in the present moment as it weaves formlessness into form. We look back at our blood. We know what we're made of.

Sienna Williams & Diana Kalaji
This piece utilizes physical theater to uncover what it means to be two young women of [~ambiguous~] color during a time when racial and religious prejudice continues to take innocent lives. We want to have an open dialogue with our audience about what the fuck is going on right now.
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