Date and Time: Friday Saturday June 3, 9:30 PM | Sunday June 4, 7:00 PM
Duration: 75 minutes, no intermission (Shared bill with Victor Fung Dance)
Location: Cowell Theater

Ticket Information

General Admission: $25
Children under 18: $12.50
Discounts: Full time students with ID and Seniors, $4 off cover price 

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $70.00


Choreographer/Dancer: Izumi b Fujii, Mikiko Shinohara, Yukio Miyahara
Guitar: Daisuke Hara
Light: Yoshitoshi Miyahara
Special Thanks: Mari Mukai

Artist Info

Artist Work Sample


SELL OUR BODY is the very first production of Scarabe (created by former members of the company Noism), the title expresses the statement to survive this era channeling their full creativity through the body. It was originally performed in a 27㎡ Japanese style room at the Kyoto Art Center. The performance includes omnibus scenes by three dancers accompanied by a guest musician. In a swift development at a close range, it has evoked the emotions of the audience ... comically, seriously, dreamy, and wholly.


Izumi B Fujii is from Osaka, attended the London Central School of Ballet and appears in works of many different genres. She performed in the musical “Movin’out" in the West End in 2006. Fujii joined the residential dance company Noism1, directed by Jo Kanamori and performed in critical roles with them for 6 years. She was also active with a the theatrical dance unit Pink Dokuro. Later she started choreography work for Sadamatsu Hamada Ballet Company, Fashion Cantata from Kyoto, PARA-SOPHIA 2015 etc. She also gives WS lectures for universities based in Kansai.

Yukio Miyahara started dancing at Kanako Fukuoka Ballet Institute at the age of 12, and traveled around the world by himself. While attending Osaka University of Arts, he worked as a guest dancer for many performances. After graduating from University, he went Europe to study European Contemporary Dance. He toured with the dance company Noism1 in 2010, and started to create his own pieces. After he left the company, he started to choreograph work for Kyoto's Fashion Cantata, PARA-SOPHIA2015, Ballet Companies etc, and gives WS lectures for universities in Kansai.

Mikiko Shinohara was born in Osaka. Via ballet school attached to the Vienna State Opera, she finished School of Health and Physical Education at University of Tsukuba. During attendance at university, she started creative activities and won the first prize at the second Seoul international dance competition, for senior women's contemporary dance. She joined Noism 2008-2013, working as ballet mistress for the trainee company Noism2 and Jo Kanamori's directing assistant. Since joining scarabe in 2014, she has taken an active interest in the bodies and minds of all ages. She directed some pieces with local people as a guest lecturer at University of Shizuoka.

Daisuke Hara studied under the “The Happenings four” bassist of Pepe Yoshihiro in his hometown Shizuoka. He started solo work and began the support guitar of various artists. As Ayana Izumi’s support guitarist, he played for MBS radio of Oshio Kotaro, Jun-nichi Sumi, among others. As a solo guitarist, he released new album Sound ofan elementary particle in 2014. The origin of the style isto play a note earnestly with finger-tips to create music having high completeness with only one guitar is Indian percussion instrument “tabla". He joined scarabe from SELL OUR BODY.

Ryu Endo was born in Niigata and brings Photography+Video Acting to the performance.
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