Tango Con*Fusion (USA)

Sex, Women and Tango

Date and Time: Friday May 26, 9:30 PM | Saturday May 27, 7:00 PM | Sunday May 28, 5:30 PM
Duration: 75-90 minutes, no intermission
Location: Southside Theater

Post-Performance Q&A with Audience: Sunday May 28, 6:30 PM

Ticket Information

General Admission: $25
Children under 18: $12.50
Discounts: Full time students with ID and Seniors, $4 off cover price 
Limited early bird tickets available until March 31 from $12.50

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $70.00


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Sex, Women and Tango is a ritual music drama, composed by Tango Con*Fusión presents Sex, Women & Tango, a theatrical dance production sponsored by Alma del Tango, a California non-profit arts organization established in 2000. When someone mentions Argentine Tango, immediately it conjures up the pervasive iconic image of the macho-male and hyper-feminine woman of Argentine Tango. Yet many feminists dance Tango socially and professionally. How can this be reconciled? Sex, Women & Tango challenges this outdated image. This production explores gender issues such as body image, street harassment, same-sex couples and social and economic equality. Contrasting with yesterdays imagery; Sex, Women & Tango conjures up today’s deep and broad expression of gender roles in Argentine Tango.


About Tango Con*Fusión
It used to “take two to tango,” but the women of Tango Con*Fusión bend the gender-related customs of this century-old dance. As artists they explore the idiom of Argentine Tango beyond its traditional boundaries. As professional performers and teachers of Argentine Tango, with varied backgrounds in contemporary and classical dance, they create a fusion of genres within their choreography.

A couple’s dance morphs to a solo or collective interaction, leaders and followers exchange roles, and free movement is added.

As women trained and versed in traditional Argentine Tango, they deeply respect traditional tango, cherish the experience of dancing with men, and love to lead. Their repertoire spans the spectrum from slick-haired classic to feather-ruffling experimental, with Argentine Tango as the imperative backbone of the work.

Co-Directors Debbie Goodwin & Christy Cote have devoted themselves to growing the tango and dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for over 20 years and since 2004 they formed Tango Con*Fusión Dance Company.

In 2014, the members of Tango Con*Fusión chose to concentrate on the further exploration and analysis of lead-follow, and documenting their lead-follow exchange vocabulary through their “Trading Places” DVD/Teaching program with workshops and performances at tango & other dance-related festivals.

The artists of Tango Con*Fusión include Carolina Rozensztroch, Pier Voulkos, Debbie Goodwin, Christy Coté and Rose Vierling. Joining TCF in 2016 are our newest members: Mira Barakat, Michele Richards, Mila Salazar and Jasmine Worrell. The company of 9 women look forward to grow artistically and expand it’s presence in San Francisco, the USA and internationally.

Debbie Goodwin, director, is celebrating 20 years of performances, choreography, directing, teaching and collaboration within the Bay Area tango community. A dancer since childhood, Debbie began teaching and performing Argentine Tango in 1996. She studies continuously both here and in Buenos Aires. With her partner and husband, John Campbell, she developed Alma Del Tango, a Marin nonprofit dedicated to the art of Argentine tango. Debbie earned her Bachelors Degree in Dance from California State University, Sacramento in 1998, and her Masters in Dance Education in 2001. She is the organizing force behind Tango Con*Fusión, San Franciso’s all-women dance company.

Marcelo Molina, international guest artist
Marcelo Molina, born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina is the 2011 & 2013 USA Argentine Tango Champion. Marcelo has been a part of dance productions worldwide such as El Viejo Almacen Tango House in Buenos Aires (2007-08), Tango on Broadway (2005), Calle Corrientes, and Golden Tango Spectacle Bolivia Tour (2010), Tango Cabaret (Los Angeles), Tango D’Amor (Sacramento) & Florida Tango Festival (Miami).
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