Women in Cirque

Date and Time: Saturday June 2 3:00pm
Location: Friends of SF Public Library Bookstore

Ticket Information

Ticket Information

General Admission: FREE

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A conversation with Melodie Couture General Director of Cirquantique, Aloysia Gavre Artistic Director of Troupe Vertigo and Veronica Blair of the San Francisco Circus Center. Women leaders share their insights and give an update on the progress and role of women in nouveau cirque.

Mélodie Couture
Having contributed as an artist and supporter to the three first Cirquantique productions, Mélodie decided to share her talents as a coordinator and manager with the worker cooperative. She has since taken on the position of director of operations, and contributes to the logistic and artistic development of the collective.

Tour coordinator for Poécirque, she is also a former member of the CircoRevolucion troup in Mexico. Her experiences have allowed her to become the creative and versatile manager that she is today, and have given her insight into the requirements and challenges that come with each production. Business woman and artist, she has successfully combined her two passions in order to bring an innovative approach to management.

Aloysia Gavre
Troupe Vertigo Founding Artistic Director, a San Francisco native, co-founded both Troupe Vertigo and Cirque School in Los Angeles in 2009 after 22 years of touring internationally with the Pickle Family Circus, Cirque du Soleil and Symphonies across the globe including at the Sydney Opera House and the Kennedy Center. Her passion and knowledge for the circus arts has led her to a career as a director, choreographer and educator including numerous custom themed shows for Symphonies, Cirque Mechanics Show’s Birdhouse Factory & Pedal Punk both of which appeared off-Broadway, and for films “Water for Elephants” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” She has been recognized in Dance Teacher Magazine and speaking engagements with TED-X, Center Theater Group, Directors Lab, Chicago Circus Festival, AYCO and VIVA Fest Las Vegas.

Veronica Blair
An aerialist of elegance and true excellence, Veronica Blair has studied with some of the most celebrated and prominent artists in her field, including trapeze great LaNorma Fox, Ringling Bros. first African-American Aerialist Pa-Mela Hernandez, and the renowned “God Father of the Tissu” Gérard Fasoli of Centre national des arts du cirque / Cnac. Veronica has performed with several other renowned groups and productions around the globe such as AntiGravity, Universal Studios Japan and Warner Bros. Music. She has been a part of Germany’s most successful circus show, “AFRIKA! AFRIKA!” Veronica also was the lead aerialist in KAMAU’s “BooDha” music video with over 100k views..


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