Thanks to Everyone Who Came This Weekend

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Thank you very much for considering making a donation to the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

If you are watching our video live-stream from Fort Mason and would like to direct your donation towards a particular artist in the program, please let us know by sending an email to and indicating the artist's name in the subject line.

All the best

Festival Staff

Who's donating

Kai Sugioka-Stone
Shari DeBoer
Gretchen Murdock
Christina Bie
Anne Haskel
Judy Matthews
Karen Oakley
Rosemary Busher
Fred Green
Kenneth Hempel
Andrew Wood
Mich Chen
Jennifer Walsh
Judith Tucker
Lucia August
Andrew Wood
Ronald Light
Elizabeth Grant
Bil Schwalb
Michelle Haner
Alzara Getz
Mel Marley
Virginia Yee
Virginia Yee
Russell Miyashiro
Katharine Beckwith
Joel Streicker
Erling Wold
Marsha O' Bannon
Andrew Carothers

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