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Who We Are

Founded in 2002, SFIAF celebrates the arts by bringing together a global community of artists and audiences and by presenting innovative projects that focus on increasing human awareness and understanding within and across cultures.

Our core values are based on principals of cultural and economic equity dedicated to coordinating the shared resources of multiple organizations to reach mutually beneficial goals. In addition to working with larger institutions, we place a high priority on the participation of smaller, culturally diverse entities whose communities have been left out of the prevailing American narrative. Supporting relationships between such organizations and artists is a primary commitment of SFIAF.


2022 Festival Dates

SFIAF is also looking ahead to the 2022 Program. Our plan is to present another outdoor Festival program along with a series of individual events throughout the year. Artists interested in participating click on THIS LINK for more information.



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SFIAF actively seeks to promote diversity and equity, activism and advocacy, education and the free exchange of ideas.

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San Francisco International Arts Festival
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