Support our 2022 Season

Thank you very much for considering making a donation to the Festival during the year-end holidays. Funds will be used towards the cost of our 2022 Program as we begin to build towards the next Festival at San Francisco State University in 2023.

This coming year will include a summer season in June and July and monthly poetry readings in our new office on Sutter Street.

We are very grateful for the support. Thank you for your generosity.




Who's donating

Juan Carrillo
Aislinn Scofield
Deborah Slater
Kimi Sugioka
Matthias Mormino
Ann Wettrich
Anne Bartley
Charles Kruger
Joseph Smooke
Erling Wold
Toby Symington
Elle Ghini
Tom Berger
Wendy Ackrell
Lynn Lohr
Norman Ishimoto
Ken Hempel
Morgen Humes
Esra Coskun
Ellen Bepp
Kyoko Yoshida
Stephen Bibbs
Stephen Bibbs
Helen Block
Jessica Fudim
Kyoko Yoshida
Helen Block
Karen Bouwer
William Martinez
Luz Espino

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