Autumn Program. Oct. 18-24, 2021

Support Reopening the Arts Safely

Thank you very much for considering making a donation to the Festival in the run-up to our October program.

If you landed on this page wanting to make a contribution to a particular artist participating in October, please either click on a specific $ button to the left or type the amount of the contribution you want to make in the box below and press continue. There is a space on the following page to enter the name of the artist / company you would like to support. We will add your donation to their box office income for the October performance and let them know who made the contribution.

We are very grateful to you for supporting the performing arts in this way. Thank you for your generosity.




Who's donating

Heather Baldini
Tim Ferreira
Jani Gillette
Kathryn Kersey
Alain Paré
Janelle Reinelt
Maryann Moise
Amy Van Every
Elisabeth Beaird
Ann Wettrich
Margaret Kadoyama
Joel Streicker
Niharika Mohanty
Nancy Wang
Nkechi Emeruwa-Neuberg
Christian Knipfer
Sandina Robbins
Dylan Morimoto
David Kleinberg
Joseph Smooke
Mythili Kumar
Milanda Moore
Ken Hempel
Betty Sims
Juan Carrillo
Matthias Mormino
Russell Miyashiro
Ellen Bepp
Iveta Cassand
Kai Sugioka-Stone

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