Abada Capoeira

(USA and Brazil)

Spirit of Brazil 17’– Quebrando Fronteiras

Date and Time: Saturday June 3 5:00 PM | Sunday June 4 2:00 PM
Duration: 90 minutes, no intermission
Location: Cowell Theater

Ticket Information

General Admission: $25
Children under 18: $12.50
Discounts: Full time students with ID and Seniors, $4 off cover price 
Limited early bird tickets available until March 31 from $12.50

Festival Pass

If you miss our early bird offerings, take advantage of our Festival Pass and see five shows for $70.00


Artistic Director: Márcia Treidler "Mestra Cigarra”
Co-Production Director: Jennifer Walsh
Antonio Contreras: Set and Costume Designer
Stage Manager: Leah Laxamana

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Spirit of Brazil explores music, dance, and capoeira through a fusion of contemporary and traditional expressions. These arts, born out of a resistance to oppression and now internationally practiced, remind us of the power of resistance—a message relevant today. Presented by an international cast, the dynamic acrobatic and athletic movements, history and tradition, and heart-thumping rhythms will leave you inspired!


Marcia Treidler “Mestra Cigarra”  San Francisco, CA Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mestra Cigarra is the founder and artistic director of ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco (ACSF). Mestra Cigarra is one of the top seven capoeiristas out of over 50,000 international ABADÁ-Capoeira members and the first female student of Mestre Camisa to be awarded the rank “Mestra”, a title shared with some of the world’s top practitioners. Mestra Cigarra began capoeira in 1982 under the world-renowned Mestre Camisa. In 1987, she began classes for street children, youth, and adults in Rio de Janeiro. In 1991, she moved to the US and, in 1997, was granted legal permanent residency as an “Alien with Extraordinary Abilities.” That same year, she founded ACSF’s Brazilian Arts Center. A veteran student of Mestre Camisa for more than 30 years, Mestra Cigarra maintains international recognition for her accomplishments in the field and teaches regularly throughout Brazil, North America, Europe, and Asia. Because capoeira has been a male-dominated art form for over 300 years, Mestra Cigarra’s achievements have cleared the path for other women to excel. Her outstanding achievements make her a highly sought-after teacher, an inspirational leader, and an important role model. She continues to provide a consistently safe and affirming environment for adults, youth and families in the Bay area to learn and grow in the heart of the Mission.

Anderson Freire “Professor Mobília”  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Born in 1975, Professor Mobília began training capoeira at the age of seven through a social project that was meant to steer young people away from crime in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. He went on to study capoeira under Mestre Cobra (Professor Cobra at the time), who is still his teacher to this day. When he was 18, Professor Mobília began to professionalize his capoeira by studying pedagogy, physical education, and attending national and international seminars. He has competed in and judged numerous capoeira competitions, and he has extensive experience participating in live performances, theater pieces, television shows, and cultural exhibitions. Professor Mobília teaches classes in a variety of settings including social projects, schools, cultural centers, gymnasiums, and universities. Because capoeira helped him overcome the challenges he faced a child, including coping with a physical disability, he believes in the power of capoeira as an art that can motivate and build self-esteem in those who practice it. Today, he travels throughout Brazil and the world to share his story and spread his message about the value and benefits of capoeira. He says that capoeira taught him to dream, and he was able to make that dream a reality.

Gisela Folly Leite “Professora Gigi”  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Professora Gigi began her capoeira journey at age twelve in 1982, when her sister brought her to a class with the group Senzala. After a few classes, it was recommended that she might want to try the class that was more appropriate for beginners, which consequently was taught by Mestre Camisa. To her luck, she found her way to Mestre Camisa’s class and has been training under his direction ever since. She started teaching 1987, as a co-instructor with Mestra Márcia Cigarra (then a green cord) working for various city-projects teaching capoeira to youth living on the streets. Since then, her teaching career has evolved to include teaching capoeira for youth and adults, and teaching at the Universidade Gama Filho, where she has offered classes for ten years. Professora Gigi is one of only a very small number of women who began capoeira in the 1980’s that has consistently remained active and influential in the development of ABADÁ-Capoeira. She has traveled around the world performing and teaching capoeira, and is well known for her talent as a vocalist. She has been featured on numerous ABADÁ-Capoeira musical recordings including several of Boa Voz’s CDs. She first came to San Francisco as a guest artist in 1992 for Mestra Márcia’s first batizado and returned in 1993, 1994, 2014. We are happy to have her back in SF to share her talents today, and at the upcoming events including Spirit of Brazil!

Yara Cordeiro “Professora Yara”  Washington DC Professora Yara has been a capoeirista for over twenty-five years and a teacher for more than thirteen. She has traveled around the world performing capoeira, teaching and giving lectures. She competed for seven consecutive years in Brazil, earning prestigious titles including 1st Place Female in the Brazilian Nationals and 4th Place Female in the International Games, among others titles. Originally from Brasilia, Brazil, Professora Yara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and physical education. She has Graduate Degrees in Sports Psychology and in Capoeira from the University of Brasília and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the Brasília Catholic University. Professora Yara has consistently directed her studies towards understanding the unexplored aspects of the relationship between capoeira and sports psychology. This has led to the publication of three books: Capoeira, Identidade e Adolescência (Capoeira, Identity and Adolescence), Capoeira e Desenvolvimento (Capoeira and Development) and Capoeira e Auto-Estima (Capoeira and Self-Esteem), the latter now in its second edition. In 2008, she moved to the Washington DC area where she now teaches classes to youth and adults throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Recently, she was awarded non-profit status for her organization ABADÁ-Capoeira Washington DC.

Marcelo Fagundes “Professor Côco”  Bronx, NYC Instrutor Côco was born in São Paulo, Brazil and began training capoeira at the age of nine in Curitiba, Parana. He began to teach children at the age of 16 under Mestrando Piriquito Verde’s supervision. This program served as the foundation for the development of a teaching methodology emphasizing on the adaptation of traditional games to capoeira lessons, thus allowing teachers to engage students more fully. This program served as the research lab to better understand the psychology of children and to teach the many disciplines of capoeira more effectively. This pivotal work yielded the publication of a series of books by Mestrando Piriquito. These books have become invaluable resources for capoeiristas who teach children, in and outside of the ABADÁ-Capoeira organization. After years of teaching and traveling throughout Brazil, Instrutor Côco relocated to Mexico in 2003 where he founded the ABADÁ-Capoeira Guadalajara chapter. In 2009, he participated in an artist residency with ACSF, training under Mestra Cigarra for almost two years. In 2011, he relocated to the Bronx where he now teaches both youth and adults.


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