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San Francisco International Arts Festival
October 24-25 Outdoor Performances at Fort Mason

Rules, Protocols and Guidelines for Audience Members

Last Updated: October 24, 2020

Thank you for considering attending our event this weekend at Upper Fort Mason. We are selling tickets to individual performances at three venues in Upper Fort Mason (no Festival passes, etc.). 

Please only select tickets for ONE EVENT. We know the word "Festival" is in our name and it implies going to see multiple shows, but this program is different. By your attendance this weekend, you are agreeing to be part of an exercise in safely staging performing arts events during the current pandemic. Your willing and distant-but-friendly cooperation in this endeavour is much appreciated.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do not attend our event if you are feeling unwell or are running a temperature. Send an email to [email protected] or call our office at 415-399-9554 prior to the scheduled performance time and request a ticket refund. We will honor the request.

Most performances are being live-streamed by video and can be viewed from the safety of your own home. CLICK HERE for free access to our Youtube Channel.

In addition, to help ensure your health and safety at our events, we are implementing the following simple but important rules, procedures and guidelines.

  1. All ticket purchases must be made in advance of the performance. There will not be any at-the-door ticket sales.

  2. Only purchase tickets for people from within your own household. For contact tracing purposes, when purchasing tickets, we require that you divulge the name and individual email and phone numbers for each person in your party. We use the Eventbrite platform to sell tickets. If you did not specify each individual in your group when you made the ticket purchase, please go to your online confirmation and “edit” attendees.

    Please do this. If it turns out that anyone else attending the program this weekend was unwittingly carrying COVID-19, we want to let you know so you can consider being tested for the disease.

  3. Before attending today's performance, each member of your party must fill out the Health and Wellness Form that was emailed to you. The form can also be accessed at THIS LINK. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you must not attend the performance. Follow the instructions above to cancel your ticket and receive a refund. Watch the performance on Youtube.

    Please bring the form with you to the event. A digital copy (e.g. on your phone) is preferred, but paper is acceptable.

    To minimize crowding at the entrance and to ensure the timely start of the performance, it is much appreciated if you have completed this step before arriving at Fort Mason.

    If you have not completed a form prior to attending, you will be asked the same questions by Festival staff at the venue entrance--which you must answer in the affirmative--in order to gain admission. This takes about a minute (for most shows this weekend, audience capacity is 48. It will cause delays if we have to ask every attendee these questions at the door).

  4. To help minimize crowding at entrances prior to a performance, audience access to event seating areas will begin 30 minutes prior to each event.

  5. Please keep in mind, when you purchase a ticket for a specific performance, you are reserving a space within an outdoor area we have apportioned and allocated for ticket buyers. We have ensured that all of the spaces within the audience area provide at least six feet of distance between individuals who are not from the same household.

  6. Once you have been shown your designated space in the audience area by our Staff, please remain seated within this space for the duration of the concert. All performances are less than one hour in duration and there are no intermissions. Leaving to use (and returning from) a restroom is permitted. But please consider other audience members’ personal space and site-lines if/when you do so.

  7. For your comfort, please bring with you your own blankets or low chairs (31” maximum height). SFIAF will provide chairs upon request for seniors and people with disabilities. If you require chairs from the venue, if possible, please return them to the sanitizing station when not in use. If unable to return please alert staff or volunteers to collect the used chairs, thank you!

  8. Masks are required of ALL attendees. It is also advised that all attendees bring sanitizer and protective gloves.

  9. Please remain 6' from other individuals and patron groups attending the event.

  10. With the exception of water for health and hydration purposes, eating and drinking is not allowed at this event. Audience members are asked to bring their own personal water container and not to share it with others (except in an emergency).

  11. For our mutual protection, please always wear a mask when speaking to event staff (keep in mind, they are on-site all day for both days).

  12. Please follow the instructions and requests of designated Festival staff and volunteers in regards to queuing and seating procedures, maintaining distance from other groups and individuals and covering your face at all times.

  13.  When your event has concluded, please do not linger, we ask that patrons exit the venue in a timely and orderly fashion.

In general, please respect the space of others. Keep in mind that for some people, this gathering may represent their first outdoor excursion in a while, and your discretion and forbearance is appreciated.

Please also remember:

  • Wash hands often and for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands


  • Fort Mason is often cold and foggy, so please bring warm clothing. However, it might even be sunny, so sun-block is always a good accessory as well.

San Francisco International Arts Festival
Phone Number: 415-399-9554 | Email: [email protected]
1222 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109



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