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Cinematic Theatre

(Hong Kong)

My Luxurious 50 sq. ft. Life

Date(s) & Time(s): Tuesday May 26, 8:00 PM
Wednesday May 27, 8:00 PM
Thursday May 28, 7:00 PM
Friday May 29, 8:15 PM
Saturday May 30, 2:00 PM

Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
Location: Firehouse

Ticket Information

Early Bird: $15
Advanced: $25
At the Door: $28 

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Production Credits

Artistic DirectorCarmen Ching-man Lo
Light DesignerSai Hang Ho
Sound ArtistSan Hong Wan
Video ProjectionsKa Ho Chan


Funded in part byWestern Arts Federation (WESTAF) Tourwest Grant, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


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My Luxurious 50 sq. ft. Life

“My Luxurious 50 sq. ft. Life” is a multimedia performance in three parts that focuses on overcrowding and the housing problems in Hong Kong. The satirical comedy explores how living in 50 square feet sub-divided units can adversely impact public health and negatively influence interpersonal relationships. Through installations, live video projections, exhibitions, physical performance, audio effects and interaction with the audience, the theatre work investigates the issues of inhuman living conditions and the socio-political reasons for the emergence of sub-divided units. Bay Area residents might recognize some of the symptoms, as one Hong Kong based social worker described it, “rent started getting expensive and public housing production slowed down.” To make the public extra feel welcome no audience seating is available and comfortable clothing is recommended. Persons requiring seating should contact the Festival office when purchasing tickets.

Project Description in Chinese 明天的惡果是由今天對問題視而不見而起! 充滿互動的遊走劇場、實時錄像配合演員們在地上的平面演出,扭曲的劇場空間裏藏著一戶又一戶蝸居住民。 《我的50呎豪華生活》描述了一群居住劏房的基層人士的「豪華生活」,紀錄了住在狹小空間內的精神變異與情感隔絕,時而躁動不安,時而沉默無語,讓一場地產霸權和失衡政策的遺禍赤裸浮現,為小市民被困於不人道的空間,立下存照。既非控訴,亦非哀憐,從卑微的視角出發,觀照蝸居住民無以言表的生活體驗,由被困的失序開始,惶惶終日、奮戰自強、至仰首問天……「人在做、天在看」。 曾在愛丁堡藝術節入圍 Fringe Sustainable Practice Award最後四強; 並於第八屆臺北藝穗節榮獲「永真藝穗」大獎; 《我的50呎豪華生活》首度於美國演出,不容錯過!

Cinematic Theatre

Cinematic Theatre was founded by artistic director Carmen Ching-man Lo. The name of the Company indicates that cinematic language does take an important role in shaping the theatrical style of the productions. The Company mainly focuses on original works which explore the horizons and soul of modern people, especially for young audience. The elements of intertwining imagination and reality plus the past and the present, is also one of the phenomenal characteristics of the works of the Company. Recent productions “My Luxurious 50 Sq. ft. Life” won Best Performance, Best Play, and Best Stage Effect at the 2015 Hong Kong Theatre Libre; “My Luxurious 50 Sq. ft. Life” and “Informer” were both awarded the Top Ten Most Popular Productions at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2015. Since 2003, productions have been toured in Scotland, Avignon, Adelaide, Seoul, Yokohama, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, the Philippines, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau.


Ching-man Lo (Artistic Director)
Theatre director, playwright and actor. Adjudicator of Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies, examiner and assessor of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and the founder of Cinematic Theatre Company and Artistic Director. Graduated from the Department of Philosophy and received her Master of Art in Practical Philosophy in Lingnan University in 2012. Ching-man also received her Bachelor Degree in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago, USA in 1995. Recent productions include “Repentance”(2019), “Lightening”(2019), "Watching U..."(2016), "My Luxurious 50 Sqft Life"(2014), "Informer"(2014), and the 5-hour performance "Dynasty"(2012).

Yan-chi Mo (Actor)
Mo is an awardee of the prestigious Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Hong Kong award. She is also the winner of HK Arts Development Council’s Award for Young Artist (Film), the Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador and Hong Kong City Lady Award. She is the artistic director of Mo Production Company Limited and the president of FM Theatre Power. She is a multimedia performer and artist mainly served as director, playwright, producer, and actress. One of her representative solo theatrical performances “Woman in Red” staged at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in HK and entered the International Community Arts Festival in The Netherlands.

Ho-lun Ngai (Actor)
Trained at National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and Acting at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (BFA in acting). In 2013, Hollis was chosen to represent Hong Kong to participate in Richard’s Rampage workshop in New York. In 2016, he was invited by Back to Back Theatre company (Geelong, Australia) as a visiting artist after a positive collaboration on the project organized by West Kowloon Cultural District, HK. After spending time in the UK and New York to study the Meisner Technique, Hollis then spent some time in Paris at the prestigious LÉcole Phillippe Gaulier.

Wai Fong Suen (Actor)
Wai Fong received her theatre training at National Taiwan University of Arts in the early 80s, majoring in acting and directing. She has been a professional theatre practitioner for more than 38 years, engaged in acting, directing, stage management, drama facilitation for various age groups, and arts education administration. Besides performed locally in Hong Kong, Wai Fong has toured with different theatre companies to Singapore, Darwin, Adelaide and Macau. Recently, Wai Fong has performed in CMT production of ‘My Luxurious 50 Sqft Life” and “The Feast” and joined their touring to Taiwan, ShenZhen and Adelaide respectively.

Ching Chun Wong (Actor)
Wong is a former full time actor of Chung Ying Theatre Company. He was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor for “The Normal Heart” (2019) and was awarded as the Best Supporting Actor for "The School & I" (1995) at the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies. He has joined Cinematic Theatre’s “My Luxurious 50 Sqft Life” (2014, 2015, 2017 & 2017 Community Mobile Theater), touring production of “My Luxurious 50 Sqft Life” (2015@Taiwan, 2016@Taiwan, 2016@Shenzhen), “The Feast” (2016@Adelaide), “Alice in the Sanitarium” (2018), “Lightening” (2019), “Song of Grief” (Re-run) (2019) and Windmill Grass Theatre’s “The Normal Heart” (2019).

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