Autumn Program. Oct. 18-24, 2021

Critics Night Reception

Date and Time: Thursday May 30, 8:30pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Southside Theater Lobby

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FREE - with May 30 ticket

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The Festival's version of the White House Press Dinner (without the roast)!

Have you ever wanted to be a performing arts writer or critic? Now is your chance to experience the lifestyle at close quarters by joining the intrepid members of the Bay Area press corps as they belly-up to the bar for much needed liquid sustenance and stomach-lining carbohydrates after a hard days night at the Festival.

George Sanders as the villainous Addison DeWitt in the classic 1950 film All About Eve.

For those of you who do not read, attend the theater, listen to un-sponsored radio programs, or know anything of the world in which you live, it is perhaps necessary to introduce myself. My name is Addison DeWitt. My native habitat is the theater. In it, I toil not, neither do I spin. I am a critic and commentator. I am essential to the theater.

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