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Jessica Fertonani Cooke


Spectacle of the Snake II

Date and Time: Friday May 31, 7:00pm
Duration: 26 minutes no intermission
Location: Chapel

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At the Door: $17 

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Artist Info

Production Credits
Sound Artist: Jessica Fertonani Cooke

Artist Website:

Spectacle of the Snake II performance alludes to the nature of ‘spectacle‘; the pop showcase in the art world in juxtaposition to issues of urgency. The physical challenge of the performance and the charcoal’s nature and aesthetic (Industry vs Art - Coal vs. drawing charcoal), overrules basic ideas of health, as in labor exploitation, which quickly, transforms the atmosphere entertainment into macabre. The utilization of the SNAKE is a reference to ritual and shamanic healing where the ambiguity of the snake is in its venom that can kill as can heal.

Jessica Fertonani Cooke (Sound Artist)

Jessica Fertonani Cooke is a Brazilian performance, video and sound artist. She completed her absolvent in fine arts at UDK Berlin and her MFA in San Francisco Art Institute. She discusses notions of ancestral diaspora upon the body, the notion of the ‘Americas’ and its persisting roles inflicting/enduring post-colonial/ industrial society. She has participated of exhibitions such as the Month of Performance Art in L'AKSR, Berlin, Time Wasting Agency in Nürenberg, ACT Festival in Zürich, Transborder in Pro Arts, Oakland and Body + Land =Escape in Nars Foundation, Brooklyn, NY.

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